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What To Do When Google Keeps Changing The Rules?

I think that it is probably obvious from my title that this particular article here isn't going to go anywhere without it truly being a "walk off grand slam" of an article.  I'm not writing this in order to win the page rank wars on the Mount Everest of all search queries, no not at all.  I'm writing this first and foremost as an affirmation.  If any of this provides useful or valuable information for any reader, then good for you.

I've officially been writing online for dollars for two years now.  Things keep changing, and I hope that they continue to change insofar as Google's proclaimed goal is concerned - providing the best possible results in search pages results for any given search query.  I truly want to believe that Google is doing just that.

The thing is, I don't trust them, and I seriously dislike how the "rules" can keep changing, and nobody bothers to tell us what the "new rules" actually are.

Now, I am no keyword researcher, and I do not wish to ever be guilty of employing any manner of SEO GAMES.  I write what I want to write about, and I do it for me, and I always hope that somebody somewhere gets something out of it, and maybe enjoys it.  I've nothing, absolutely nothing against persons that chase keywords for dollars, and then spam the internet with links like  a whirling digital dervish.  It could be that I'd do just that myself were I any more financial broken than I already am.

It's not my position to judge.  I'm just not about to start doing things that seem more like work, and less like fun.

An Old And Wise Adsense Man's Words Of Advice.

Do It For The Reader!

Now I'd like to tell you some things about someone I read online, and I'm not going to give his name, as I've not asked his permission - but this person has been a Google Adsense affiliate since 1996.  Now, I don't know about you, but I've never heard of anyone else who has been doing this writing online with adverts for dollars for that long.  I'd never have even guessed that Google Adsense has been around that long.  A quick look at Wikipedia seems to indicate that it hasn't - but previously had some other kind of name and ownership.

If I've got my facts slightly off concerning whether or not anyone has been writing on the web and utilizing Google Adsense since 1996, then you will please forgive me, I hope - as the point is that this particular web author has been doing this for longer than anyone that virtually anyone else knows.  You can well imagine that such a person would be a tremendous wellspring of advice on how to go about one's online business, and he absolutely is.  The person in question is very visible on Hubpages, and now Whizzley.  He's also, of course, got a website of his own - and that is where he had been writing for so very long.  This man says that he has made over one hundred thousand dollars from Google Adsense, and I believe him too - he is one of the most prolific, informative, and brilliant writers online that I've ever been so fortunate as to have read.  I'd like to tell you his entire SEO strategy.

If you aren't doing something for your readers, then you are wasting your time, and theirs.

I am absolutely serious.  That is the END of this man's advice towards writing online for dollars.  I don't agree with half the things the person in question says, but I have total confidence in his honesty.  It just comes through in spades when you read his stuff, and now for the shocker - he doesn't backlink at all, really, and he even believes backlinking to be immoral.  The man only sometimes even links his work on his Google + profile, and he feels that isn't immoral because he has "told Google"  those links are his by adding his websites to his Google + profile.

Big Money - But What Is Ethical?

Do You Think Backlinking Is Immoral?


Is Backlinking Immoral?

Here is what I've always thought - I've always felt that backlinking was not only perfectly fine, but virtually expected of us all.  I use my own name on practically ever last site that I use for either socializing or writing online, and the only exception with that is Redgage, where I'd created a "Wesman Todd Shaw" account, and lost the login, so I just created another one, and had to pick another name.  On Twitter, which I hardly ever visit, my profile is set to "Shoddy Taw," which is  a semi clever nickname someone gave me.  I hardly think it is deceptive, and a Google search of yours truly's full name will quickly reveal to you what my Twitter account's profile name is.

What I'm trying to tell you here is this:  Damn near every single last account that I use has my own name attached to it, and so I do NOT feel like I'm deceiving anyone anywhere by backlinking!

My guru number one that I've been discussing above, however, doesn't see it that way.    He sees all backlinking as THEFT, and DECEPTION, and absolutely AMORAL or IMMORAL.

You see, according to guru number one - the long time elder of Adsense, whenever we backlink we are deceiving Google into thinking that someone else has shared our links because they just liked them so much, and that unless we tell Google via our Google Plus profiles that this and that profile is really us, they do not know that it isn't us, and so we are behaving in an immoral fashion by virtue of deceiving Google's search algorithm to our own benefit.  Does that make sense?  Does anyone agree?

I Have No Moral Quandary With Backlinking, And Here Is My Strategy, and Why.

If Google Isn't Going To Tell Us The Rules - We Can NOT Be Expected To Abide By Them.

While I hope to have explained and well stated that I have huge respect for the person I'm referring to here as guru number one (he'd actually dislike that title...) I simply can't agree that backlinking is the slightest bit unethical or immoral.  Google has too much power over the livelihoods of too many people, and they don't ever bother to tell anyone why something that was considered great yesterday is no longer even in their search results today.  If Google would do more in the way of being transparent with what they like, and what they do not, then I could see that maybe backlinking is an unethical business practice, but still, only if they told us so.

As for myself, and as I stated up above, RedGage is the only dofollow linking site that I use under a name other than Wesman Todd Shaw, which just so happens to also be my damned name to begin with.  I can hardly feel as though I'm deceiving Google, or anyone else on the world wide web when I create my own backlinks under my own name.  Hey, if Google can't figure that out on their own, then I see no reason to help them out any - especially as I too am a veteran of the notorious Google Sandbox with my primary account on the web - my subdomain, and you've guessed it - I'm Wesman Todd Shaw on

So now I'll tell you about guru number two. It is very appropriate that I discuss the person I'm calling guru number two here on Info Barrel, I wound up as an Info Barrel writer under this person's advice, and I hope that he got credit for me signing up here under his referral too.  I honestly do not remember or know whether he did or not, but I remember the first time that I saw him talking on the Hubpages forums that I made the mental note that this guy was VERY BRIGHT, and I clearly recall seeing him suggest in public via his Hubpages profile that it was a very wise idea to also write for Info Barrel, and so I followed his lead, and hopefully, his referral tracker over here to sign up.

There is also a "shame on me" deal here on Info Barrel, I've never once looked for his profile here, or seen his Info Barrel articles.  I'd guess that because the man now has his own website, and probably a few others that I do not know about, that he's not very active here on Info Barrel, and his Hubpages output has slowed quite a lot too.  Guru number two is a big believer in dofollow backlinks, and believe me, when he tells me about how the net works, he damn well knows his business, and he makes his entire living online too.

So while guru number one's advice: If you aren't doing it for your readers you are wasting your time and theirs - is absolutely golden advice, I also find guru number two's advice equally golden, and that is this:

Create dofollow backlinks by writing on as many good revenue sharing article sites as possible linking back to your other articles.  Dofollow backlins are golden, diversity on the web is golden, and dofollow backlinks will still matter for a long time to come.