MarbellaCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

In the last ten years travelling to a different country either on holiday or to visit a friend who has moved abroad has become easier than ever; with so many no-frill airlines and more countries joining the European Union, the dream of living and retiring in a different country is a step closer to many of us. Settling down in another country is not as difficult as it was in the past, and if your mother tongue is English then you have an extra advantage since many countries in Europe, Asia and South America use English as a second language and more and more English teachers are needed to supply the high demand; although working as a teacher might not be ideal or within your plans, you always have the possibility to earn extra money if needed; however, this is also the perfect way to get to know the locals and learn from their culture, tradition and language.  

Best Countries to Live and Retire

The country side of England is probably one of the best places to retire; it offers beautiful landscapes, idyllic villages, rivers and friendly people; the best part: you won’t have to learn a new language; there are also plenty of places located just a few miles away from London where you can retire and leave a relaxing life but with the possibility of enjoying a busy day in the capital city. Best places: The Cotswolds, Winchester, Bourton on the Water and Brighton.


The natural beauty, easy access and peculiar personality of its people make France one of the top countries to retire. Have you ever met a French person who is not proud of his or her nationality, heritage and language? Probably not, and there is a reason; even with all the current problems, France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Best places to retire: Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Nice and Champagne.


Spain is the country in which many British people decide to spend their golden years; there is no doubt why Spain is so loved by Europeans: the Southern part of Spain normally has over 300 days of sunshine. The cost of living is also lower in comparison to countries such as Britain, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries. Best places to live: Andalusia, Costa del Sol, Barcelona and Valencia.


Although Canada is considered by many people as one of the coldest places to live; the country has consistently been included as one of the top 10 countries with the highest standard of living; the favourite city by many people is the amazing Vancouver, this is a coastal and well developed city with great infrastructure and the most remarkable tourist spots you will ever find in just one city: mountain on one side and the lake on the other; plus great travel connections to other cities in Canada and the United States.


America: If you live in the United States, why do you want to move to another country? The most powerful country on earth also offers a remarkable variety of places that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding person. New York, considered as the best city on earth; California with its healthy and blessed weather; Hawaii a paradise island and Miami a Latin American country in the States – just to mention a few of the many fantastic places where you could spend your golden years.