It is said that great journeys have started through dreams and it is perfectly demonstrated through the collections of this season, beginning with the wildness of Africa, at Luis Vuitton and ending with a journey in the future in Japan, at Ives Saint Laurent.

For every women, fashion victim or not, a new season means a new beginning: a new era full of new perspectives, new expectations, new plans or a new style. But preparing a full adequate garderobe for all autumn activities - starting with business meetings and endings with cocktail parties - requires a lot of creativity.

But in this season we have something else to think about: the equivalence between price and quality. It has past that time when it wasn`t in fashion to wear the same blouse for two that is realyfashionableand even the stars do this.

We all look up to models, to what they present on the stages, we desperately want to buy huge mountains of clothesand the only reason for all these is to be in fashion. But have we ever think that, maybe, the most important aspect in fashion today is to wear what fits you best? It is a question of talent, after all, to know how to combine different colours and different pieces of clothes in order to obtain that fabulous effect that makes the others identify you as fashionable..or as a fashion victim.

What I am trying to say here is that we, women, fashion addicted as we all are, have to wear, above all, what we feel confortably to wear, and the most important, what makes us look great. I mean, fashion doesn`t resume to what designers present on there podiums, it goes far beyond that, it measn that fabulous, perfect mixture between what fits us best and what is on fashion at that moment. And we can try everything, `cause now fashion means freedom to combine different colurs and styles.

So, my dears, let`s go and taste the adventure forget about choosing only that cloths that we have recently seen in fashion magazines, let`s try to change a litlle bit that vision imposed, let`s try to be our own designer, feel free to choose and combine articles.following of course the lines imposed by great designers.

I mean, don`t entirely copy another`s one idees, create your own ideeas about fashion, be your personal designer and email me from time to time, to change opinions.