My eleven year old son asked to be Toad from Super Mario Bros. for Halloween.  I decided to make the costume and not spend $20+ on it.  I found a few articles about making a Toad costume, but sewing was involved.  I have limited sewing skills, so I needed to figure out a no sew option.  Here is what I came up with.  Feel free to make substitutions for the materials I used and leave me comments about how you built your costume differently.

These instructions could also be use for making a mushroom or toadstool costume.  Just use different colors and decorations for the hat.

Toad from Super Mario Bros Wii(67545)

Materials for the Hat

Most of the materials I used were things I already had at home.  I spent very little money on this costume. 

Construction hard hat
2-3 Socks
Plastic Grocery Bags
Clear Packing Tape
White T-shirt
Hot Glue Sticks
White Fitted Bed Sheet
Red T-Shirt

Instructions for the Hat

1.  Decide what you will use as the base of your toadstool hat.  I used a construction hard hat because I already had it and it stays on the head well. 

 You could use a plastic salad bowl instead.  You would just need to pad the inside well so that it stays on the head and doesn’t wobble.  You probably don’t want to pad the inside until you are almost ready to put the final covering on the outside.

 A chef’s hat might work also.  You would probably need to stuff the hat somehow to make it puffy like the toadstool.

 2. Make a soft round edge for the rim of your toadstool hat.  First, I stuffed two socks with plastic grocery bags.  Then, I taped the socks around the rim of the hat.

     You could use anything soft to stuff the socks.  You could use foam for the rim instead of stuffed socks.  Just use whatever you have.

    Soft Rim for Hat

    3.  Stuff the toadstool hat.  I filled one plastic grocery bag with several other plastic bags and placed it on top of the hat. Then, I wrapped a white t-shirt around the entire hat, tucking it under the inside head strap. 

       I wrapped the t-shirt around the hat to smooth out the bumps from the plastic bags.  My t-shirt had writing on it so I turned it inside out so the writing wouldn’t show through the final white cover.

       If you use a salad bowl instead, you probably want to stuff the inside to fit the costume wearer’s head before you put on the final white cover.  Make sure to tape or hot glue your stuffing to the bowl so it doesn’t fall off and your outer covering has something to attach to.


      4.  Cover the toadstool hat with fabric.  I used a white fitted sheet as my final covering.  To get the right amount of fabric, I stuck the hat inside the elastic corner of the sheet.  Then, I cut around the hat leaving enough fabric to wrap under the rim of the hat.

         Next, I wrapped the fabric around the hat and hot glued it to the inside of the hat.

         You may not want to cut up a sheet, but you could use a blank large or XL t-shirt instead.  The white sheet I used didn’t have a partner, so it didn’t bother me to cut it.

        Inside Covered Hat
        Covered Hat

        5.  Make spots for the hat.  I used a red t-shirt as fabric to make the spots.  You can make your spots any color you want.  Use a saucer to trace circles on the fabric with a marker.  Then cut out the circles carefully to keep the round shape.


        6.  Glue the spots on the hat.  Use hot glue to glue the spots on the hat.  Make sure the side showing the marker outline is facing down.  I found that the best way to glue them onto the hat was to lay the circles on the hat where I wanted them.  Then, fold the circle in half or so and apply glue to a small section and stick down.  Then fold in half again and glue down another section until you have glued the entire circle down.  The best part about using hot glue is that if your original placement doesn’t look right, like mine, you can easily pull off the spots and leftover glue and move them.

        Finished Toad Hat

        Materials to Complete Costume

        Blue T-Shirt
        Yellow Ribbon (5/8 inch wide)
        Tan T-shirt
        White Pants

        Making the Vest

        1.  Cut the vest out – I didn’t want to sew, so I cut my vest out of a blue t-shirt.  I used a tuxedo vest to make the pattern on the shirt before cutting.  Make sure to turn your shirt inside out before drawing your pattern so your lines don’t show up on the front of the costume.  I put the shirt and vest on a hanger so they would keep their shape better while I outlined the pattern.

        If you don’t have a vest to use as a pattern, don’t worry.  Just draw a V from the collar down to the middle of the chest.  Then draw a straight line down to the bottom of the shirt.  For the arms, draw half circles at the arms on both front and back.  The half circles should meet at the top of the front and back.  This doesn’t have to be extremely precise.  Now, cut the shirt according to your pattern and turn it right side in.

        Vest pattern
        Drawn Pattern

        2.  Attach the yellow borderUse a yellow ribbon that is about 5/8 inch wide for the border.  The vest should have a yellow border along the collar, down the front, and around the bottom.  Simply cut the ribbon to size for each part of the vest by measuring it up against the edge of the vest.  Then hot glue the ribbon to the edge.

        Now, that is everything you need to make.  To finish the costume, you will need a tan t-shirt and white pants.  The only items I had to buy for my costume were the ribbon (about $3 at Michael’s) and the white pants ($0.99 at Goodwill).  So, the costume only cost me about $4.  Even if you have to buy a few more of the items, you probably could make this costume for $10 or less.

        Finished Toad Costume