When many people think about brown curtains, the term conjures up images of 1970s decorating schemes with brown serving only as a foil for vivid oranges, golds, and avocados. Modern designers, however, have issued new shades and combined them with unexpected colors, updating the perpetually popular earth tone palette for the home. Bright, loud colors have been replaced with warm, soothing shades that coordinate easily with a variety of other colors and styles.

Consider a café style curtain for the kitchen in a warm combination of brown and sage green. This combination brings a touch of nature indoors and brightens the room without sacrificing the calming effects of the subtle colors. An immensely popular combination, this scheme has even made its way into the nursery, with several designers applying it to crib bedding as well.

You can update a bathroom with these modern earth tones to create a refreshing, nautical theme. Instead of a plain brown shower curtain, choose one with pale colored sand and starfish, blue ocean water, and perhaps a touch of red on a distant lighthouse. Continue the theme with the window curtains in either a matching motif or a coordinating solid color to complete the room.
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Pink and brown toile curtains work well in bedrooms whether decorated for an infant or an adult. Dusty pink or rose provides a unique accent to the pattern, and satin or velvet trims can increase the visual impact. You can find them in Priscilla, pleated and rod pocket styles, to name just three.

The new shades of brown, unlike the somber colors of the past, coordinate with virtually every other color in the spectrum. Although not every subtle hue works equally well with every shade, it is not difficult to find one that will match without having to replace all the existing items to make a dramatic change. Future adjustments to furnishings will also be easier, since you will have a wide range of decors from which to choose a piece that will fit with your existing scheme.

Brown curtains are available in many different fabrics. Damask can add classic elegance to a living roomBrown Curtains, while washable cotton may be the perfect material for a youngster's room. Velvet or satin styles can give a teenager just the right touch of drama he or she has been seeking. Gingham and calico can lend country charm to a kitchen or dining nook. By combining the right hues with the right fabric, you can personalize your window treatments in every room of the house.

Shades of brown can work to bring the outdoors in, create a warm and cozy retreat or provide a classical backdrop for your décor. There are many subtleties in shades that let you mix them with your favorite colors to create a unique combination. Best of all, they are virtually timeless, meaning that your purchases today can be enjoyed for many years to come.