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What I Consider the Best Comedy Podcasts

Best Podcasts in the Comedy Realm Today

Podcasts have become increasingly popular nowadays with the explosion of the Smartphone market.  With a little bit of research and a nominal investment up front, anyone can start their own podcast.  There are so many podcasts to sort through on ITunes or on our Android devices now that it’s hard to determine which podcasts are the best.  It can and does become overwhelming very quickly.  Thankfully they are all free, so if you have the time to sample as much content as possible, then you usually can find a few podcasts you enjoy through simple trial and error.  I work in an industry (transactional attorney) where my headphones are attached to my head as I stare into the computer for endless hours each day.  I like to think I’ve become a quasi-expert on podcasts, and have always been told I have a good sense of humor.  That being said, I wanted to suggest what I consider to be the top five best comedy podcasts.  They are listed in no particular order with a detailed description of each below.

  1. 1.     The Adam Carolla Podcast – This is one of the best podcasts on the market and if I had to choose, probably the best overall comedy podcast (likely even the best podcast in general).  Adam Carolla is most famous for his stints on “The Man Show” (Co-hosted with Jimmy Kimmel on Comedy Central) and the syndicated radio call-in program “Loveline” (Co-hosted with Dr. Drew on MTV).  Carolla also followed in Howard Stern’s footsteps (after Stern left for Sirius XM) by becoming the host of a radio morning show called “The Adam Carolla Show.”  He recently released two books named “In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks” and “Not Taco Bell Material,”  as well as a Kindle eBook called "Rich Man Poor Man."  To say the least, the guy has had ample experience in front of the microphone.  What makes his daily podcast so entertaining?  He has a plethora of interesting and diverse guests (Alec Baldwin, David Alan Greer, Arsenio Hall, and Norm Macdonald to name a few) in which he interviews.  Adam also has a very witty and illustrative way with words that cannot be mimicked.  His show follows a format of a typical morning radio show (touching on current events in the news); however, it is distinctly different with a good amount of cursing and ranting mixed throughout.  Carolla’s podcast normally runs about 90 minutes on average and his personality is very polarizing.  I recommend it for all ages (above 16) and deem this a must listen, which is why I consider it the best overall comedy podcast. 


  1. 2.     The Red Bar Radio Show – This is a comedy podcast based in Chicago (however the host is planning on moving to LA very soon) and hosted by Mike David.  Red Bar Radio, more specifically Mike David, is unique from all the other best podcasts on my list in that it is completely homegrown and not popular due to David’s past success.  This is the best podcast if you are looking for stupid, childish, offensive content.  This podcast is full of prank calls and immature behavior, but I must admit it has me laughing the hardest & most of anything I listen to.  David is aided by a handful of rotating co-hosts that are all either local stand-up comedians or podcast hosts as well.  David has a hyper-awareness for every minute detail about his show, and his hard work does not go unnoticed.  David is slightly crazy, but a pure joy to listen to and a radio genius.  If you are remotely sensitive about anything in your life, you may want to pass on this podcast.   Red Bar Radio targets a younger audience (14-35 age range), but he has plenty of older loyal listeners as well.  If you are looking to just be entertained, this is the best podcast for you.  I’d consider it my favorite overall podcast, but not necessarily the best podcast for the masses solely due to the fact that it is specifically targeted to the younger generation. 


  1. 3.     WTF with Marc Maron Podcast – Marc Maron is a seasoned standup comedian %20">(he professionally produced his best standup routine available for download "This Has to Be Funny")  who has an alternative interview style.  Maron interviews a ton of interesting guests in his garage in the suburbs of LA, and has a special way of making people feel comfortable enough to share their darkest secrets and stories (has recently had one established comedian announce for the first time he was gay on the podcast).  Maron is a very liberal-minded cynic, whose perception of the world is truly one of a kind.  In his past he formed a lot of controversial relationships with other standup comedians, and seems to create a lot of tension and awkwardness in some of his interviews.  Gallagher, the famous sledge hammering watermelon smasher, stormed off his set mid-interview recently because Marc questioned (and more or less mocked) his new standup strategy.  This is one of the best podcasts on the air because Maron tends to bring out the most passion and emotion from his guests.  This podcast has a “realist” feel to it.  If you are a fan of deep interviews touching on some of life’s truest experiences, then this is the best podcast for you. 


  1. 4.     The Joe Rogan Experience – Joe Rogan is a veteran standup comedian %20">(my personal favorite standup routine "Talking Monkeys in Space"), was featured in the NBC sitcom “News Radio,” a color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and host for NBC’s reality show “Fear Factor.”  This podcasts is an open forum for anything remotely interesting and/or possible.  The guests & host are typically very high when podcasting, so the content tends to be very random and bizarre.  Regardless, Rogan has lived a very interesting life and is a man of many talents.  This is one of the best podcasts on the market, but also targets a niche market of listeners.  If you are a stoner (former or current) or just like to think outside of the box, then this is the best podcast is for you.


  1. 5.     Doug Loves Movies – Host Doug Benson is an experienced standup comedian %20">(his most recent hilarious work "Potty Mouth") who also appeared on Comedy Central’s “Best Week Ever” and the reality show “Last Comic Standing” one season.  Benson is a well established stoner, but has a very friendly kind-hearted disposition.  He’s very likeable and witty and just pleasant to listen to.  This podcast is recorded in front of a live audience and normally includes 3 to 4 different guests (typically all comedians and actors) every episode (the podcast airs weekly).   Sarah Silverman, Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Cera, Bill Simmons, & Amy Poehler are some of his more famous guests to date.  The show is structured around movies and includes something called “The Leonard Maltin Game.”   This is where the guests try and guess a particular movie based on a variety of clues.  If you are a movie buff who likes to laugh, then this is the best podcast for you. 


So this wraps up my personal preference of the best comedy podcasts on the air today.  All five are unique in their own way.  I hope after reading this article you can figure out which is the best podcast for your listening pleasure.