Playing games with young babies has many benefits. It helps to stimulate their growth and development. Parents and guardians can find many interesting games to play with babies aged less than six months that stimulate them. Spending time playing games with your baby will be an enjoyable experience.

Five Senses Activities for Preschool are Best

Babies use all five of their senses when they are playing games. You will be reminded all over again of the pleasure found in ordinary things when you see your little one enjoying simple pleasures. Some researchers think that all babies are born with sight, hearing and the other senses working together. In people with synesthesia, these do not split.  Developing five senses activities for preschool allows little ones to develop properly.

Social Milestones for Infants

Young children aged less than six months develop their emotional and social skills by playing games. Playing games with babies teaches them how to interact with both strangers and family. At this age, babies want to learn a lot more about the world around them.


Children under six months can play a number of games with their parents. These games foster the development of different abilities and help to stimulate your baby’s cognitive growth.


Baby Game: Hide the Rabbit

Some of the toys and accessories your child already uses will be helpful when you want to play games with them. A stuffed toy rabbit will be useful in the baby game, Hide the Rabbit.


At this age your baby will be able to sit up by him or herself without difficulty. While your child is looking, try hiding the stuffed toy behind your head. Move the rabbit from behind your head and watch the interest in your child’s face as they realize that it was there all along.


Hide the rabbit in different locations in your baby’s crib or around the room.


This game will also help your baby to learn that sometimes things are there even when they cannot be seen.



The stuffed toy rabbit can be used to model social behavior in other ways. Show your baby how to be kind, gentle and sociable with other children by cuddling the stuffed toy. Children copy the behavior they see around them, so they will cuddle the toy if they see you treating it like that. They will also learn to treat other people around them the same way.