Whether you’re purchasing a backpack for an upcoming trip or so that your little one has a bag for his or her first day of preschool, there are a lot of great choices in toddler backpacks that will ensure your toddler is ready to go. With all of the great choices available to you, you are sure to find the perfect bag that your little one will absolutely love.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack(121825)One of the first places to start shopping for toddler backpacks is a store that you typically frequent with your toddler in tow. This not only makes shopping easier for you, but it also gives your little one the chance to pick out his or her new backpack. Kids love to feel like they have a little bit of control over their lives that are otherwise overruled by their parents; so if you give them a bit of freedom to pick out their own bag, you’ll find that they will likely feel as proud as punch with their choice.

Shopping at Brick and Mortar Stores

For example, Target has a great selection of toddler backpacks. Many are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles – from your little one’s favorite television character to superheroes and a few simple solid-colored backpacks. The great part about being able to find a backpack that they really love at a store that you are already at, is that they’ll be able to try the backpack on to see how they like the feel of it. Shopping online is a great alternative that can also save you a lot of time, but it doesn’t always let you know what kind of fit the backpack will be. Nevertheless, here is why I prefer shopping online for backpacks.

Crocodile Creek Kids Backpack(121824)Why I Prefer Shopping For Backpacks Online

When shopping on websites like Amazon.com, you’ll find that there are typically a lot of great reviews from parents who have already purchased the backpack that you’re considering for their own kids. Reading reviews about toddler backpacks on Amazon will give you a good idea about the way that the bag has typically fit for other kids, and will also give you in insight into the quality of the bags that you are dealing with. Kids can be very rough on the products that they use, so it is essential to get toddler backpacks that can withstand a fair amount of abuse. It is always helpful to read product reviews that have been written by other parents just like you, so that you can learn the ins and outs of the product; even when you are just shopping for a backpack that your preschooler can use.

The Best Toddler Backpack Brands

SugarBooger Kiddie Play Back PackFor some interesting choices in toddler backpacks, consider looking into brands like Four Peas, Dante Beatrix and Stephen Joseph backpacks. You might also consider the Skip Hop backpack lineup. You are sure to find that these delightfully adorable backpacks will offer several choices that your little one will thoroughly love. These specialty toddler backpacks are often available at your favorite retailers, like Target and obviously they are also readily available online.

The Skip Hop backpack collection offers children the ability to pick out a backpack that resembles their favorite animal. Your toddler will look simply adorable with a bumblebee backpack, a sweet puppy backpack, or even a hooting fun owl! 

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, Owl
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(price as of Jan 14, 2016)

The Pottery Barn kids collection also offers some great choices in toddler backpacks, and like many other types of backpacks, you’ll find that they can be readily personalized. Personalized toddler backpacks can be very useful, especially in preschool or when you are traveling, or when your kids are insisting on getting the exact same style in backpack.

Shopping Guidelines for Picking the Perfect Toddler Backpack

In order to help your child pick out the perfect toddler backpacks, there are a few shopping guidelines that can help to ensure that you get the right product.

  1. If you plan on using the backpack when your family is on the road or traveling through airports then you may want to consider toddler backpacks that have both straps to be worn across the back, wheels, and a handle so that your little one can pull the bag through the airport.
  2. The bags should be very light when they are empty, otherwise they may be too heavy and bulky for your toddler to carry when a few things are inside of them. Keep in mind that if the bags will be accompanying you on trips, that it will most likely become yet one more thing that you have to carry once your toddler tires of it. This means that the bags should be small enough for you to stuff into your own bags if necessary.
  3. Bags should have zippers that open and close easily, without getting caught on any fabric or care tags. The same holds true for any buttons that the bags have on them.
  4. The toddler backpacks you are considering shouldn’t have too many pockets or compartments because that just means there are more spaces to search when your little one can’t find a toy car or crayon. One or even two compartments are typically all that a toddler’s backpack needs. Keep in mind that they won’t need to carry very much at all; perhaps a change of clothing and a few toys to keep them busy when you are on the go.
  5. If you are picking out the backpacks in a brick and mortar store you should carefully check the material of the backpack and try to gauge the quality of the bags. Some bags can stand up to the use and abuse they will likely experience at the hands of a toddler, while others will likely tear or break. It could result in several meltdowns if your toddler’s favorite backpack falls apart while you are on vacation.

With a bit of careful comparison shopping and by letting your toddler’s personal preferences help guide you toward the right purchase, you are sure to come across the toddler backpacks that will not only be practical and useful, but will offer a bit of fun and excitement for getting your child warmed up to the idea of preschool or going on a vacation with the rest of the family.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, Monkey
Amazon Price: $20.00 $19.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jan 14, 2016)