So, you want to take your toddler for a walk, but the sky is a bit threatening, and the wind is getting up. It is too warm for their big coat, but not quite time for no coat. So, this is when you get out the toddler raincoat. It will protect them from the rain, and also the wind. They also have a cute little hood to keep them snuggly.

A toddler raincoat, is made with a waterproof outer shell and a polyester lining inside, so that the plastic is not right on their skin. They have quick and easy snaps, to make them easier to get on and get off. The lining inside helps to give it a bit of warmth and with wind protection.

Now depending on the age and size of your toddler, they may like to do a bit of puddle jumping too, on that walk. So, you might want to consider some kids rubber boots too. But you can also have a toddler raincoat for a wind breaker. With the thin lining in these raincoats, they will not only protect your little one from the rain but also that biting wind.

So, you can be prepared for those early spring or fall days, or a cool summer day after a rain. Atoddler raincoat (39846) toddler raincoat also comes with a cute little hood.

These are also affordable, and are a great way to protect your toddler from the wind and rain. But there is no reason that a toddler raincoat has to be boring. You can get these is the cutest styles and themes. They are easy to clean, and ready to wear.

Make sure and get a toddler raincoat big enough to wear over a sweater or other clothing underneath. Dressing in layers is a great way to go, since you can take off layers as it gets warmer. So, make sure you allow some room in their little raincoat.

Kidorable Lucky Cat Infant Raincoat, Pink, 12-18 Months (pictured)

You can shop in your favorite kids clothing stores and see if they have any cute yet durable toddler raincoats. But if you really want to have a huge variety to pick from, then you should actually consider shopping online. There are everything from butterfly toddler raincoats to ladybugs to kitty cats (like the one pictured).

Many clothing stores, especially kids clothes, are showing up online. Your favorite brands may just be online now. The problem with physical stores, is it can be hard to carry all the different varieties and sizes for toddler raincoats. You may not have as many to pick from.

So, many stores not only have a physical store, but may also have a online presence that may be worth checking out. But you can also check out Amazon and compare prices, colors and styles of toddler raincoats. Amazon carries the various themes in different sizes from toddler to older kids. Such as the kitty toddler raincoat (pictured).

So, if you want to keep them dry and out of the wind, then consider a toddler raincoat in a cheery color, to make those cloudy days colorful on your next walk or play time in the park.

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