Toddler skate shoes are becoming more and more popular every year as the sport continues to grow and as the sneaker manufacturers keep putting out new models. Some of the most fashionable and beloved brands of toddler skate shoes are DC, Osiris, Vans and Etnies. These companies are known to produce the best and most diverse range of models; however there are other well-known brands also beginning to jump on board this hot new trend like Fallen, Adio, DVS and Globe. If you have a child, what could be more adorable that a stylish pair of toddler skate shoes? They are like super-miniaturized versions of the adult counterparts and they make your 3 year old son look like a little stud.

Toddler Skate Shoes

Vans Toddler Skate Shoes

Vans Footwear has been around for over 40 years and in this time span they have proven time and time again why they are seen as a leader in this industry, not only for adults but also for kids and teens. Vans has one of the biggest selections of toddler skate shoes on sale and all of them are manufactured with the same attention to detail and durability as any of the other sneakers they make. You can find tons of different styles, sizes and there are plenty of them for both boys and girls. One of the great things about Vans is that they tend to be more affordable than many other brands. Most of the Vans toddler skate shoes are cheap and priced between $25 and $35. Below is a list of the hottest models of kids Vans sneakers on the market today. You can find them in all kinds of colors and various styles for either your son or daughter.

  • Authentic/Authentic Core
  • Era
  • Widow V
  • Classic Slip-On
  • Old Skool V Core
  • Big School Core
  • Chukka Low
  • SK8-Hi
  • 106 Vulcanized

Osiris Toddler Skate Shoes

Osiris is one of the top brands for adults and they have a very unique style that sets them apart from other sneakers. They have more of an urban appeal to them and are often colored with vibrant designs and patterns. Osiris toddler skate shoes are highly sought after because of how they make your child stand out. All of the kids Osiris sneakers are just like the adult versions and have all of the same features. They are made for boys and girls and they even have a special line of Eco-friendly sneakers called Becky Bones. People like Osiris Footwear because each model has a bunch of different styles and color schemes to choose from. Let's take a look at some of the best Osiris toddler skate shoes available.

  • NYC 83
  • Libra
  • Serve
  • Duffel
  • Clip
  • Chino
  • Brockman
  • Harlem
  • Troma

DC Toddler Skate Shoes

Kids DC sneakers are probably the highest selling and most celebrated brands in the world when it comes to this type of footwear. With one of the largest line-ups of boys and girls sneakers, DC Footwear is considered to be a leader in this industry and DC toddler skate shoes are known as the best, most stylish and well-received sneakers available. In fact, they have become so popular that you are no longer limited to shopping at skateboarding stores for them. Now you can buy them in all kinds of stores like Journey's, Kids Foot Locker and many other mainstream outlets. With as many toddler skate shoes that DC has, you should have no trouble getting a great pair for your son or daughter. Check out these models to help get you started:

  • Court Graffik
  • Versatile
  • Turbo
  • Pure
  • Pixie
  • Character
  • Striker
  • Manteca 2
  • Net
  • Decibel

Where to Buy Cheap Toddler Skate Shoes

Even though kids sneakers are pretty affordable in most cases anyway, the simple fact that they will grow out of them so soon just means you will have to keep buying new pairs every couple of months, which can definitely start adding up quick. Some parents like to buy a bunch of cheap toddler skate shoes all at once in different sizes so they don't have to worry about shopping for new pairs anymore. This isn't always necessary, but it does help to know where you can buy some affordable sneakers for your son or daughter.

Cheap toddler skate shoes can be found rather easily if you choose to shop online. There are a lot of websites like,, and that have some very reasonable prices and tons of discounts all year round. All four of these websites also offer a lot of free shipping deals which can add to your savings. Zappos is famous for this and they have cheap toddler skate shoes from every major brand including DC, Osiris, Fallen, Etnies, Adio and Vans.

If you would rather or additionally shop at some in-store locations, I suggest visiting a mall. By doing this you can hit up a bunch of stores at once like PacSun, Journey's, Hot Topic and many others. Look for cheap toddler skate shoes on clearance sales that are marked down to discount prices when companies are getting ready to release their new line-ups.