Toddler sleeping bags are a wonderful way to make your little one feel grown up and special. Kids love to have things that are not only their own size, but also styled just for them. Toddler sleeping bags do both. No more trapping your little one in an adult sized sleeping bag or forcing a dull brown or green bag on a fun-loving youngster during a sleep over. A child's first sleeping bag will be used and appreciated. The cost is minimal and it pales in comparison to the joy your kid will have upon using it and the timeless memories of fun camping trips with the family.

Sizing up toddler sleeping bags

The best thing about a kid's sleeping bag is the size. They are compact, lightweight and portable. When not in use, they are easily stored under a bed, in a closet, or in a cabinet. True sleeping sacks for toddlers generally are made for kids up to 36" tall. Most of these bags measure 22" across by 36". This scaled down size is perfect for keeping your child warm without all the surplus material of an adult bag. Kids over 36" will want to shop for a true kids sleeping bag rather than the ones made specifically for toddlers.

Features of toddler sleeping bags

Cars Sleeping Bag

The best thing about these bags is that all the same features people shop for in an adult bag can be found in the child size one. Many come with a built in pillow, plush microfiber lining, down filling, carrying bag and accessory pockets perfect for mp3 players or portable gaming devices. If it will be used only indoors, a thinner less expensive bag can be chosen since warmth will not be a factor.

One of the most appealing features is the wide range of colors and themes available. Kids can have a bag with a popular cartoon character, video game, sports hero, or television or music star. This will let your young one express their personality and make them happy that they are involved in choosing their own sleeping bag. From Elmo sleeping bags to a Disney themed bag, there is a great selection available.

Uses of toddler sleeping bags

The places these colorful bags can be used are almost endless. Outdoor concerts and sporting events, camping trips, car trips, a sleep over at a friend's house, or just for Saturday morning cartoon watching, your child will love being snuggled up in their own little warm cocoon. Many parents are afraid to commit to buying one thinking the child will not use it, but they will probably want to use it too much! Many kids use them unzipped on a day bed or as additional coverage on the bed. The appeal of the characters is very strong and many children become very attached to their bags.

Kids grow up too fast and peer pressure starts earlier than ever. Younger generations were happy to have mom safety pin together a blanket to make a sleeping bag, but even the toddlers of today have sophisticated tastes and demands. The desire to fit in at an early age is difficult to overcome. Kids today appreciate the toddler sleeping bags because it allows them to feel cool and grownup. Mom and dad have their own sleeping bag for two, so why can't a child have a hot pink, Sponge Bob, or Nintendo designed one to make them feel special. For any parent that started out using infant sleeping bags it only makes sense to continue the tradition and give your toddler the next level of sleeping comfort.