Keeping your little one’s feet toasty warm during the winter months is important for their overall comfort. During the warmer months you could perhaps get away with allowing them to run around barefoot around the house as they adjusted to their new mobility. But during the winter their feet can turn into tiny ice cubes if they aren’t wearing a comfortable pair of toddler slippers. Slippers are a much better alternative to simply putting socks on your toddler’s feet, as socks don’t often allow for the traction that your little one needs. Socks can be responsible for your child slipping and falling on tiled, wooden, or vinyl floors, which is something that no parent wants to see happening.

With so many choices on the market, how do you pick out the best toddler slippers? How do you make sure that the kids slippers you are bringing home will actually keep your cherub’s toes warm and give her the traction needed when navigating the hard floors in your home?

The Perfect Fit

Buying any type of footwear for toddlers can be a challenge, but if you don’t try the slippers on their little feet before you buy them, you won’t be able to determine whether they will fit correctly until you get them home. It can be very difficult to have your toddler sit still during a fitting, especially when there could be an overwhelming large selection of toddler slippers to choose from; not to mention the large number of distractions that could leave your toddler itching to get down to run and explore.

As with everything involving toddlers, it is important to schedule things around their nap and meal times so that you can avoid the potential for meltdowns. Go to a shoe store that has experience working with toddlers, and that will also know how to properly measure their little feet.

Have your toddler try on her new slippers and then stand up in them. Check the width of the slipper and ensure that her foot isn’t being crammed into a too-small slipper. Ensure that your toddler has about a half inch of space in the front of the slipper, between the end of her longest toe and the front of the slipper.

Make sure that the slippers have a good grip around her ankle; a stretchy elasticized grip will ensure that she can easily slide her foot into the slipper without worrying about it pinching her. If the slipper is too loose around her ankle then it is likely to fall off too easily, and a toddler who is constantly on the go won’t have the patience to keep on putting her slippers back on.

Tips for Shopping

With some handy tips, you can make shopping for toddler slippers an absolute breeze.

Ask your friends what slippers they have bought for their toddlers. Find out if they have any major issues to share with you about any of the brands that you might be considering.

When shopping for toddler slippers for girls, try to avoid the temptation to buy any that might have an elevated heel on them. It doesn’t matter how cute they are in the shoes, toddlers don’t need to wear any type of shoes with heels. It can have a huge impact on their posture and their balance.

Look for toddler boy slippers that are easy to pop into the washing machine, just in case your little guy decides to head on outside to play in the mud in his adorable slippers. Easy to clean and easy to maintain are two of the essential factors with anything you purchase for your toddler. Be sure that you do pop them into the washing machine every so often; otherwise you may be surprised at just how smelly slippers can become from sweaty little toes.

Select toddler slippers that are easy to get onto their feet and also easy to get off when you want them to come off. Velcro is a good choice for any types of toddler shoe, because it does make things a lot easier for both toddler and mom.

Avoid using pre-owned slippers for your toddler. Even if they are in excellent condition, you may find that the slippers have conformed to the shape of the previous wearer’s foot. This can cause your little one to feel off-balance and even potentially get some irritation on her feet.

Look for toddler slippers that are lightweight, with a flexible sole that also offers her some traction when she is walking. Slippers shouldn’t be as bulky or as cumbersome as other shoes like sneakers can sometimes be. The slippers should feel comfortable on her feet so that your toddler is encouraged to keep on wearing them, and so that her little toes stay toasty warm.

Getting a Good Deal

Toddler shoes, in general, can be surprisingly expensive. There are a few ways to get some good deals on the toddler slippers that you are looking for, however. Start with doing a quick online search to determine the styles and colors that may be available. Venture over to see what types of toddler slippers offers. Amazon also offers the ability to narrow down your choices by size, by color, and by style; which can allow you to swiftly narrow down what types of slippers that you are interested in purchasing.

There are some really budget-friendly slippers at stores like Target. Acorn (another retailer) offers some cute styles that even include adorable slipper boots. If boot-styled slippers are what you are interested in, then you’ll find Ugg slippers to be incredibly warm and also very adorable.

If you are crafty then you might find that a pair of adorable crochet toddler slippers can keep your toddler’s toes warm and toasty, even during the coldest parts of the year; just be sure to include some sort of traction material on the bottom so that your little one doesn’t slip on the floor.

Shopping for toddler slippers will offer you a wide variety of choices. Pick out slippers that are colorful, fun, and will appeal to your picky toddler so that she actually wears them.