You can find a toddler tent playhouse with furniture for pretty cheap, if you are willing to do a little shopping around for the best deals.  You will find these for sale in number of different places, including online retailers, auction sites, and retail stores.  The prices are going to vary greatly, as will quality.  In this article, I will go over some of the types of toddler tent playhouses you might want to consider, along with some alternatives to nylon that you might want to keep in mind.  If you are just looking for some cheap options, I will also go over some easy homemade opportunities you can explore, along with furniture alternatives.

Indoor or Outdoor?

The first thing you will want to determine is whether you need an outdoor toddler tent playhouse, or if an indoor model will suit your needs.  Obviously, if you intend to use it outside, you will need something that is made for outdoor use and is waterproof.  If you are only going to use it outside during the day and will take it down and bring in inside at night, you might be able to get by with one designed for indoor use only.  This is really just a personal choice that you will need to make, depending on you and your child’s personal needs and interests.  Once you decide, you can begin to shop around and compare prices and options.

Options and Accessories for Toddler Tent Playhouses

The price is going to vary greatly as you add and subtract the options and accessories you want.  If you want the furniture included, you must expect to pay a substantially higher price than those without furniture included.  Some will have little tunnels included, while others might have pretend appliances, working windows, and other accessories.  Decide what you need and adjust accordingly.  Children will often view this as a fort more so than a playhouse, so keep that in mind as you shop around and compare your options.

Best Manufacturers for Toddler Tent Playhouses

Discovery Kids:  The Discovery Kids playhouse tent with tunnel tube is a good option to keep in mind.  It is very well priced, coming in at under 25 dollars from most online sellers.  Furniture is not included in this model, but can be added separately.  Discovery Kids makes several different playhouses and tents that you might want to consider as you look to make a purchase.  Visit their website and see what is available.

Pacific Play:  These are very well priced and are a high quality toddler playhouse tent that you might want to consider.  You will find many different models to choose from, some of which are priced under 50 dollars.  They are a good manufacturer and are worth the price, so you can buy with confidence.

Playskool:  They make multiple children’s playhouses that your kids would love to use and would provide hours of fun and entertainment.  You can find them at varying prices, but they are not overly expensive.  That said, they are not the cheapest of them all, but you will get something that is more likely to hold up to use and abuse.

Alternatives to Toddler Playhouse Tents

There are multiple alternatives to keep in mind to a fabric or vinyl tent playhouse.  Listed below are just a few of the other options you will have as you go out shopping and searching for the best deals.

Cardboard:  You can find plenty of cardboard playhouses for kids that are really nice.  Some might have furniture included, but the bulk of them will not.  They are more rigid, but are prone to bending and tearing.  Still, they are a very viable option and you can pick them up pretty cheap, if you shop around for the best bargain.  Consider this alternative carefully when you are shopping.

Plastic:  This is without a doubt more rugged and likely to last than nylon tents.  Best of all, they can be used indoor or outdoor, so they are more versatile.  While the price is much higher on plastic playhouses, they are likely to last through multiple children, so you will get a great deal when you consider they can be handed down to your younger kids. 

Wood:  In many ways, treated wood is the best, but there are some drawbacks.  On the plus side, you will find them to be very durable.  Most have decent roofing systems and working windows.  In general, they are much larger and will hold bigger furniture.  They are more attractive than the others, for the most part.  Since they can be painted, they can be kept looking nice and are easy to transfer from a boys playhouse to a girls.  While they are better in some ways, they are also less versatile.  In general, these cannot be taken apart and moved around easily.  Indoor use is not generally realistic with these, as they are made for being outside. 

Types of Kids Furniture

As you search, you will find it is harder to find the ones that have furniture included.  Luckily, you can put virtually any kind of kid’s furniture into them.  If you have lawn furniture or other items already at your home, they can be put into them and will generally work out just fine.

Make Your Own Playhouses

If you have a regular dome tent, it will work.  In addition, big blankets can be put over chairs or tables and even clotheslines for a nice, homemade playhouse tent that a toddler can have fun with.  In addition to this, you could always convert a small storage shed into a great playhouse.  Just add a window or two and you will have most of the work done on the fort.  The only real limit is your imagination.  Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit and see what you can come up with for options.  You just might surprise yourself.

As you cans see, as you search for a toddler tent playhouse with furniture, you will have plenty of options to keep in mind.