There are several good niche ideas for your toddlers when it comes to their own birthday party. The greatest gift of mankind is a child and understanding the child's birthday is a must for any parent in the world. A young toddler will be surprised when he or she sees a gift. It may be as small as a toy to as large as a cake. Gifting the right birthday present is always a challenge for the parent. Some of the great ideas that might help you make your child happy are as follows.

1) Play books- Learning is of course a major burden on hands of both parents and child. On their birthday buy them a play book with which they can develop their drawing abilities along with learning the basic words. They might be encouraged to start learning their first few words in their life.

2) Toys- There is absolutely no kid in the world that will not be wondered by the toys. Gift them a barbie or Club penguin toy if it is a girl child. It is a boy a GI Joe toy or any other action hero toy will do the trick. You can surprise the young child when you play with him all day long with the toy you bought for him. There are also numerous other beneficial toys that would help your child to learn as well as play.

3) Remote controlled vehicles- The popular toy cars that operate with a remote control is of course a good gift to buy for your toddlers's birthday. Kids can play around the remote controlled helicopter or a car. These involve no tough controls and kids will play this for day long. There are much safer than the small building kits as they are pretty large and it can not be swallowed by your kid. Remote controlled cars build the essential basic knowledge for your kid too.

4) Trains- Trains that operate on battery will help your kid to know something about the locomotive. These trains are making the special sound that kids would love to play with. In addition to these toy trains they can run them on special tracks provided in the kit. Toddlers love to play with these objects that usually attract their attention and they would ideally run around playing with these trains.

5) Music system- These are music mobile phones that are ideally helpful for your toddler to listen to the music when the mobile phone is opened. These are completely toy phones that can operate on batteries and it will grab the attention of your child instantly. Toy computers are also common where your child can play some basic video games and learn some basic English.