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Todos Santos is a costal oasis village you can visit on your next Mexican vacation. In 1723, Todos Santos was established as the mission of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de La Paz by Father Jaime Bravo. Later, it was named in honor of its benefactor, who was Dona Rosa de la Pena and it became a full-fledged mission church.

A few years later, it developed into a well-known sugar cane making area by 1850 when they had eight sugar mills. This worked well for about a hundred years, but then the sugar industry died off due to droughts in the Todos Santos area.

After that, the city population dwindled until later on it became an attraction for tourists like it is now today when thousands flock to Todos Santos to take advantage all it has to offer. History combines with modern age to bring fun for everyone that travels to Mexico to see it.

Todos Santos: Home to History and More

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When you travel Mexico and come to Todos Santos you can visit many historic places. There is a church, theater, cultural center and museum to visit. It also features an annual Art Festival when magazine photographers show up to do famous photo spreads and stories.

Tourists travel Mexico to see the migrating whales in the Todos Santos are every year. They also take all inclusive trips to Mexico to stay in the area luxury hotels and to swim at the beautiful beaches. Mexico travel is not complete without a visit to this iconic town and its fantastic sights and sounds.

Paradise in the Making for Everyone to Enjoy at Todos Santos

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The Todos Santos area is full of beautiful palms and fruit trees that produce mangos, avocadoes and papayas for wonderful dinners at area Mexico hotels and restaurants. It is considered a natural paradise with several unique and special eco systems. If you like birds, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, fishing or more, then you should travel Mexico and see Todos Santos for your next Mexican vacation.

Plenty of Mexico Hotels in Todos Santos

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The Todos Santos area has much to offer in the way of Mexico hotels. There are also other rentals such as bed and breakfast inns and it’s the perfect romantic way to get away from the hubbub of your job and have fun in the sun in Todos Santos. Some are right on the beaches, while others are close to the downtown area for easy access to shopping.

No worries for Health Needs in Todos Santos

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Tourists also don’t have to worry about any medical needs while they are on that Mexican vacation in Todos Santos. The Centro De Salud is the local hospital and there are also local doctors and dentists in the area, as well as holistic healers if needed. So, if you want fun in the sun, or a quiet romantic afternoon or an exciting fishing trip, then come to Todos Santos the next time you schedule an all inclusive trip to Mexico.