Togas go all the way back to Ancient Rome where they were worn as garments. Materials used to make toga outfits were wool and linen. Today togas are usually made from polyester, satin, and cotton. Toga outfits can be worn for Halloween, fraternity parties, or for a toga party. If you're thinking about something to be for Halloween, then toga outfits make for great costumes for adults to wear. You can be Julius Caesar, or Cleopatra for Halloween this year. Greek and Roman toga outfits are sold for great prices for both men and women to wear as a costume for Halloween or for parties. The most common garment colors are white for men and women, however there are other colored togas to choose from. Both men and women togas feature a stash and sometimes a headband that can include a laurel wreath or a sequin headband. Online you can find a variety of different stores that sell toga outfits for women and men for reasonable prices.

Toga Outfits for Women

Sexy Toga Outfits - If you really want to stand out you can be a sexy Goddess tfor Halloween, or for a costume party that you're attending. At you can find a sexy toga outfit and be the Goddess of Love for $69.99. The costume comes with a chain belt, with a golden sequin trim on the belt area. A long white sash is featured for the arms. The toga comes with a halter top. Sizes are available in S/M and M/L. You can be a sexy spartan princess toga for $45.99 at electrique boutique. The costume comes with a white mini dress with a built in gold sash in the front thigh of the dress and the shoulder. Comes with a gold headband. Available in S/M and M/L. At you can buy a toga costume for a cheap price for just $25 dollars. Available in colors, white, purple, and red. Available in sizes large, medium, and small. It's a short mini skirt with a sash that covers the left arm.

Cleopatra Toga Outfits - Cleopatra toga outfits are expensive and popular for women to wear. If the high prices aren't a problem then you can buy a high quality Cleopatra toga outfit at It costs over $100 dollars. It features the white satin gown with a gold cape sash that connects with the four sequin armbands. A gold stash is tied around the waist of the full white satin gown. The white satin gown covers you from shoulders to toes. It also comes with a golden sequin head band. It's available in all sizes. If you're looking for a cheap Cleopatra outfit, then you can shop at and The toga outfit features a white gown with a shoulder drape and a headband.

Greek Goddess Toga Outfits - Amazon is selling a velvet toga cape costume theme party outfit. It's going for a pretty cheap price for just $34.99. If features two golden cuffs that connects to a purple cape. It's a long white gown made from polyester. You can find great deals on greek goddess toga outfits at You can be a sexy venus goddess for just $19.99. It's going for a great sale right now. Features a beige slip on top with green leaves and gold beads on the trim of the slip top. The leaves and gold beads are featured on the waist of the skirt as well. Available in sizes S/M and M/L.

Toga Outfits for Men

Julius Caesar Toga Outfits - Julius Caesar toga outfits are popular and in high demand. Be the emperor of Rome at amazon and for just $27.99. Talk about great deals on Julius Caesar toga outfits. The toga fits men of chest area's of 42" and 44". Features a read sash tucked in with a gold belt. Also comes with a golden headband. It's also available in plus sizes for men. Prices are a little higher at $38.99. For more cheap Julius Caesar toga outfits for plus sizes, then check out Halloween store, where they're selling Julius Caesar costumes for just $19.99. It will fit those up to 200 pounds. If you need a bigger toga, then shop at that supports those up to 300 pounds. The toga features a golden sash across the shoulder and comes with a golden laurel leaf wreath and royal trim cuffs.

Mark Antony Toga Outfits - Mark Antony costumes can be sold on ebay and with the red sash cape for cheap prices. The costume is cheaper on Costumes are available in all sizes for men. Features a woven ribbon trim on the white tunic, and comes with gold cuffs. A black belt with a red cape is featured on the toga outfit. You can buy the Mark Antony toga with a white velvet tunic that comes colors choices of wine, blue, purple, or black drapes with gold trim for $39.95 at buy. Available in sizes large and medium.

Greek, Roman, and Frat Toga Outfits - If you're just looking for regular old toga outfits, then checkout sears where they're selling toga costumes for just $24.99. Features a gold sash. It's made with 100% polyester. CostumeKingdom, and are selling Greek toga outfits for under $20 dollars. Features a blue sash with gold trim. The Animal House men's toga can be bought online at amazon,, and The Animal House toga can be worn for Halloween, parties, or frat parties. Comes with a laurel wreath headpiece and costs about $30 dollars. Available for plus sizes of 44"-50".