Different kinds of toilet bowl cleaners

Our toilet bowls are by far one of the dirtiest necessities we have in our homes. Its purpose alone is enough to prove how dirty it can get. Human waste disposal is its only purpose in our lives. Cleaning it will always be one of the dirtiest jobs we can do, and establishing a habit of cleaning it up is very important as well. Bacteria and harmful micro-organisms can accumulate on our toilet bowls if left unattended. You and you're family aren't the only ones using the toilets in your homes, so keeping it clean should be a done on a regular basis for our guests' sake as well. By regularly cleaning your toilet bowls, you also get the opportunity to check the condition that it's currently in. This way you can determine if you need to have some repairs done for any damages found on your toilet bowls.

The main purpose of cleaning your toilet bowls is to eradicate the accumulated bacteria and harmful microorganisms accumulating on it. So it is important that you use the best toilet cleaning tools needed to do the job. There are a lot of toilet bowl cleaners out in the market. Loads of different brands all of whom claims that their better than the others, sure some of them may be a lot expensive but there are a lot we can benefit.

Tools for Cleaning

Here is a list of different kinds of toilet bowl cleaners that we use:

  • Toilet brush- toilet brushes are one of the most common tools used when it comes to cleaning toilet bowls. It's never a pleasant experience when it comes to scrubbing toilet bowls, but someone's got to do it. By scrubbing it regularly, we prevent mineral deposits, water stains, and most importantly rust stains from accumulating. So it's best that we keep the toilet bowl looking shiny and clean. After using the traditional toilet brush you should always remember to clean it as well.

  • Cleaning solutions- besides traditional toilet brushes another effective thing used in cleaning toilet bowls is a disinfectant. Scrubbing alone can't remove harmful bacteria and microorganisms on the toilet bowl. With the use of these cleaning solutions we can prevent even more bacterial accumulation that can harm us. Some products even have deodorizing properties, keeping our toilet bowls smelling fresh for the time being. Note that some chemical products used for cleaning toilet bowls should not be mixed. Check the indications and warnings on the labels of the products. Make sure that you protect yourselves because some of these chemical products can be harmful upon inhalation and skin contact. So be sure to wear protective gloves and masks for your own safety while you're using chemical products.

  • Clean soft cloth and commercially prepared antibacterial wipes- These things are used when wiping the exterior of the toilet bowl.

  • Liquid and gel toilet cleaners- used to clean up the inside of the toilet bowl to thoroughly disinfect the interior toilet. But some of these products can cause staining, so it's probably best to check the directions before use.

  • Toilet cleaning tablets- these products are used to clean toilets by dropping the tablets inside the toilet bowl and letting it settle for a long period of time. Also called the automatic cleaning, but unfortunately its cleaning capabilities are limited only to the interior of the toilet bowl. Some of these types of cleaning tablets have different scents you can choose from for making your bathroom and toilet smelling fresh.

Stains and how to get rid of them

Stains can come from all kinds of sources like rusty mineral build up and water, but it can also come from the cleaning products that we use. So this can be really annoying because you're using something that's supposed to be cleaning it, but instead leaves a visible stain on your toilet. So what can we do to prevent the staining caused by all these toilet cleaning products?

Start off by scrubbing the stain once it begins to form, preferably with the use of a pumice stone instead of the traditional toilet brush because the longer it stays the harder it will be to remove. As for those severe stains, you can apply chemical products containing hydrochloric acid and remove those severe stains by scrubbing them thoroughly with a piece of cloth doused with acid. However you must observe caution when using this or any other type of dangerous chemicals to avoid physical injury.

The world is filled with many dangers and most them can't even be seen, but we have the tools necessary to combat them. Put these tools to good use by cleaning your toilet regularly and protect the ones you care about the most.