Toilet Flange Replacement Kit: Best Popular Brands

How many hours do you spend in the toilet in a lifetime? You will be surprise how much time you can accumulate over the course of your life in that little corner. The toilet is probably one of the locations at you home that you never think about until something breaks. If you have ever had to wait for someone to get out of the toilet when you are bursting to take a pee or have a dump, you know that the toilet is one of the most important place in your house after the kitchen.

If the toilet flange breaks and you flush, it can be really disgusting to have to clean up the mess. That said, toilet flange replacement will sooner or later be something you will have to deal with. The good things is that you can buy cheap toilet flange replacement kit for cheap without breaking the bank.

Toilet flange replacement kit: What you should know

The toilet flange is not what you will often have to replace. If you install a new toilet flange replacement kit without using something like a wax ring to seal the gap, you will be flooding your toilet with waste water. Toilet flange replacement is not rocket science either and if you are good at DIY, you should be able to replace the toilet flange yourself. If you are not that handy, you will have to get a qualified person to help you with your endeavors. The toilet is fasten to the toilet flange and not to the floor.

Toilet flange replacement kit: Where to buy

Most major DIY retailers sell toilet flange replacement kit. For example, the Oatey 43651 Closet Flange Replacement 4 in Pipe Size can be purchased at: $12.45

Sears $13.45 $14.25

Toilet flange replacement kit: Best popular brands

Buying the best brands for your toilet flange replacement will depend on what the brand of the original you are trying to replace. If you have been satisfied with the brand, you will likely opt for the same. If you have been disappointed, you might want to choose another popular toilet flange replacement kit. Here are is a list of best popular brands for toilet flange replacement kits:


Sioux Chief


United Airlines

Genova Products