With everyone trying to do their part in recycling and reducing their carbon footprint, many ideas have come forward, with ways to use things more than once.

One of these items is the toilet paper roll. Yes it is recyclable, but could you maybe use it twice? Well, besides using for kids crafts (kids always find great things to do with toilet paper roll crafts) there are a few other things they can be used for in your day to day life. There are ways to use a toilet paper roll beside crafts.

Here are Five great tips for recycling toilet paper rolls:

1. Seed pots. If you are getting a garden ready, instead of buying all those little peat pots, save up your toilet paper roll, and cut them in half and use them for your little seeds and seedlings on a tray. The bonus is, that these can be planted right out into the garden as they do break down into the soil. This saves you purchasing little pots or peat pots, and is a great toilet paper roll crafts. The kids can help you with your setup and planting.

2. Party Favors. Whether for a kids party or for your holiday parties, this is a great idea, and great toilet paper roll crafts. Purchase your party favors, or trinkets, and then take your toilet paper roll, and wrap it in fancy paper, (this is a good way to recycle gift wrap) and tie one end with a ribbon, now fill your toilet paper roll with your gifts and trinkets and then tie off the other end. You can place these beside the plates or easily hand out at the end of a child's party. This saves on the purchase of bags.

3. Plant Guard. You can use paper towel tubes for this as well. Take your toilet paper roll and slice lengthwise, now wrap around the base of your plant or small tree. This protects from the night critters eating your new tree and the trimmer. You can throw it in the recycling when it is done, and make a new one.

4. Cord Organizer. Wrap your cords around the toilet paper roll. This is great for all those computer wires etc. Or run your wire through the tube so it doesn't get tangled up with other cords.

5. Bracelet Holder. This makes a great toilet paper roll crafts for the kids. Get them to paint the toilet paper roll in bright colors and then place your bangles or bracelets on them for storage. This is good for those hair elastics and bobbles too!

My Grandma, never used to let anything into her house that could not be used at least twice. This was from the days of little money, so things had to have many uses. But we can also adopt that same idea with regards to recycling. Yes, we can just throw that toilet paper roll in the recycling, but if you can use it twice, then you save even more, and go that extra step for reducing your carbon footprint. This is a good thing! Toilet paper roll crafts are fun for kids too! Just save them up in a box somewhere for those rainy day crafts. Saves buying craft supplies, and kids have great imaginations.