Toilet Seat Covers

Many argue that toilet seat covers offer little – if there is any – protection from microbes and germs that are present on toilet seats. Toilets are some of the wettest – and dirtiest – places on earth; if toilet seat cover gets wet, liquid on the cover can seep through along with the germs. In the state of Maine, legislators have already decided against a bill that requires an installation of toilet seat covers on public restrooms; it is reasoned that these do not actually help prevent germs on the surface of toilet seats to transfer to humans.

There's a reason why we keep telling children to go potty before a long road trip or a visit to an amusement park: because we want them – and us – not to use the public restroom as much as possible. We dread that strange moment of our bladders acting up or when our bowel is too strong to be controlled. On the road, there is no other choice than to stop at the nearest gas station and rush to an available toilet. These restrooms are often poorly managed and have faulty drainage. Because of these, public toilets and urinals are unsanitary and, by no surprise, are often avoided by many.

The perils of unhealthy covers

Sometimes we rush to a community restroom that has toilet seat covers installed at every toilet unit. This is not to discourage you from using these toilets but many seat covers are ineffective. Many toilet seat covers used in public toilets are made from cheap paper. There is not a more disgusting feeling than sitting on a toilet with wet paper on it. And the worst part is that these are not replaced regularly; so some toilet seat covers are used for more times than you actually think – some covers are stuck on toilet seats for days. Due to the lack of adequate replacement of covers, the used ones may teem with microscopic life – bacteria, some algae, and a lot of germs. Now that's what you call "yuck".

That's why some people purchase and bring disposable toilet seat covers. Fresh covers bring a sense of security every time you use the toilet. Because these are brand new, these covers are both dry and comfortable to sit on. No germs are present in these sheets, so contamination is the least of your worries. After using the privy, you can throw the sheet into the trash bin so that you can help maintain the clean condition of the toilet seat and make the succeeding users less worried on their chances of having germs.

Protect your home

If you think that the toilet at your home is safe compared to those at the sidewalks and gasoline stations think again. Much of the bacteria – as high as 38% of the total bacteria population in the home – comes from the bathroom, particularly on the toilet seat. Even though you claim to clean that toilet daily, there are still germs that are present on those. Toilet seat covers look to help you sustain the optimal sanitary conditions of your bathroom. Everyday usage of these covers helps in promoting hygienic measures and practices in your home, and keeps you and your family safe from diseases that are caused by harmful bacteria and germs that live on your lavatory seat.

Potty-train with toilet seat covers

Toilet seat covers are great if you plan to potty-train your children. Make sure that the covers you purchased extend beyond the sides of the toilet so that the young ones can balance themselves on the toilet by safely gripping at the sides – without any interference from pathogenic microbes. Another thing to consider in buying toilet seat covers for children is the availability of sticky adhesive strips to anchor these covers to the toilet seat. After they finish using the lavatory, children often drag down the covers, leaving the seat exposed to more disease-causing microbes and at the same time wasting the toilet seat covers as these fall onto the bathroom floor. The adhesive strips prevent the cover from being stripped away from the toilet and keep it covered. These covers are available in different child-friendly designs to help the kid in potty-training.

Buy your own cover

Home improvement shops and websites offer the best deals for toilet seat covers. These covers are not as expensive as one might think it is; a box of 500 sheets costs for about $5. If you are always on the go, a pack of disposable covers is strongly recommended. There are a lot of styles and colors available; pick one that is most suited to your taste.