decorative toilet seats1 Poeple often run into problems when shopping for decorative toilet seats, but these can be easily solved by using toilet tattoos instead. What exactly is the problem with buying these seats in a store? They’re not exactly cheap, or easy to find for that matter, and selection is limited. You should also remember one important question before buying one in a store, “What if I decide I don’t want this seat anymore?” You would either have to shrug your shoulders and try to live with the decision you made or go out and spend some more money on a new seat. Don’t forget that somebody will also have to take off that seat and put on a new one if you decide to go that route, and while this isn’t very hard - who really wants to do it. The above scenario is one that I went through where I ended up going back home empty handed. I was determined to find a solution to the problem by doing some research on my computer. The solution was found, and it was... toilet tattoos.

These decorative pieces are removable, reusable, hygienic, and offer a variety of artwork at pretty reasonable prices (many under $15). They are made from a durable plastic film that can be easily cleaned and just as easily taken back off. Instead of glue they cling to smooth toilet lids by electrostatic energy so it won’t harm your existing toilet lid. They come on a flat thin backer board which can be reused to store the tattoo when or if you want to switch designs. If stored properly they can be used over and over. You can choose either the round shape (12 x 13.5 inches) or the elongated version (12 x 15 inches) to match the toilet seat in your home.

Applying Toilet Tattoos to your lid is somewhat like applying window tint to windows. You simply clean your lid, peel off the tattoo and smooth it onto the lid using a soft cloth to remove any air bubbles. If you have any problems spray your toilet lid with water and place the tattoo on the lid while wet. This should make it easier to smooth out any air bubbles and when dry your artwork will be nice and smooth.

Choosing a toilet tattoo over decorative toilet seats is a smart move if you consider the cost and permanence factor, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

• Try to store the piece on the backer board to keep the downside free of dust. It should be stored flat, not rolled or folded. If it gets too dusty you can run it under warm water and put it on.

• Toilet Tattoos are not recommended for use on decorative wooden toilet seats or any type of cushioned vinyl lid. They should be used on a smooth, hard toilet seat.

• Don’t use harsh or abrasive chemicals to keep your lid toilet tattoos1clean as this may damage the plastic artwork. Warm water or cleaning wipes work great.

• Make sure you get the right size. It is fairly easy to tell the difference between an elongated seat and a round one, but you would feed pretty stupid if you bought the wrong size. Double check your seat.

Toilet Tattoos are a great way to update an old drab bathroom and by getting several designs you can change them according to the season or holiday. Guests will certainly notice them and will probably ask where you got such wonderful pieces. It’s up to you if you want to tell them.

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