Toilet train your cat?. It may take some time, but it is possible. Are you ready to give it a try? Sick of the litter boxes and the cleanup?. Then here is one way to toilet train a cat.

peering cat

You need a good month to try this, depending on the personality of your kitty, it could take less time. This is not inhumane or anything like that to a cat. The only reason it can work is because a cat likes to squat when they go, and they are good at balancing.

If you want to give it a try, there are different methods, but here is one particular method that seems to have success.

Things You Will Need

What you will need:

One Cat

One disposable foil oval shaped roasting pan

flushable litter (pet shops sell this)

spare bathroom


Step 1


Start by placing your cat litter box, on top of the toilet with the lid down. You need to get kitty used to having to jump up to use her litter box. Put fresh litter in the box, so you can tell if he or she has used it. Show it to him often but do not pressure him or her. Be ready for some litter on the floor, depending on how good a digger your cat is!

After a few days of her getting used to this, then open up the lid on the toilet and place the litter box across the seat. Kitty should still use it OK. Make sure she is well on her way to using this location only and seems quite at ease doing this.

Now take your aluminum roasting pan, maybe stack a couple together or you can use a plastic potty or something that will fit in the oval shape of the toilet seat but will NOT fall in. This would definitely set things back a bit to toilet train cat and have her take a swim!

So, make sure the pan or plastic tub is sturdy. Fill the pan or potty with the flushable kitty litter.

This is the make or break on the toilet train your cat idea, as she will probably look at it funny. Not sure what to make of it. Give her privacy, and let her adjust, she will see that there is litter in the pan, and will probably use it.

By now, the cat will probably be standing on the toilet seat to use this potty or pan. (you should see the cat hanging it's rear over the pan).

Now after a few days of this, and you feel your cat is quite happily squatting on the toilet seat, now you take the pan and cut a hole in the middle, a small one to begin with.

Remember to use flushable litter, or else you may clog up your pipes, and then your training days maybe over if the water backs up!

Let the cat get used to the hole in the pan. She will still try and move the litter around, so some will go in the toilet through the hole. My friend's cat loved this part, and just kept feeding the litter through the hole!

After a few more days, cut the hole bigger, and slowly do this every few days. until there is no litter left. If you cat is still happily going at this point, then she or he is trained! Just make sure and leave the bathroom door open, and don't leave the lid up!

Another good idea, is to keep the toilet seat solid plastic, as wooden ones will get scratched up.

To have a cat toilet train, is funny to watch, but many cats seem to like it, but I am not sure how many humans like the idea of the cat using the toilet. But if you have had enough of cat litter trays, and the mess and cleanup, and you have a month and some patience, then give this a try. If your cat shows absolutely no interest in jumping up to the toilet for the first lesson, then back off. If you force the issue, they could find another spot to go that you will not like.

Not all cats take kindly to this. To toilet train your cat is a personal thing. Some cats will even flush the toilet, but I think that would be pushing it!

If you like the idea but are not sure about the aluminum pans or the potty, there are actual cat toilet training kits that include a special seat to get you started.

But if like my cat, it doesn't want any part of this idea, and would rather have the big litter box, then getting into the habit of cleaning it out before you go to bed, is a good way to keep it clean and smelling clean. Cats love routine. Mine actually comes to get me to clean out her tray if I have been watching a late night TV show, because I normally do it before I go to bed. She actually watches me do it too!

One thing to keep in mind to, is that cats tend to wait until their bladder is completely full, so there is not much time, if you have stuffed the litter box in the basement! If the cat has to run down two flights of stairs to get to the box, you are likely going to find a spot "she prefers" rather than the basement box.

So, as ugly as the litter box is, it needs to be somewhere where she can get to it in a hurry. Keep the area around it clean. You can put a towel under it, to catch the litter on her paws, so she doesn't drag it through the house.

Cats also love privacy. If you have a really shy cat, another great place for the litter box, is a broom closet, where you keep the door open just enough for her to get in. This is great if you have dogs that like to mess in litter.

Tips & Warnings

Your cat, toilet train? It is possible. Give this way a try and find out if your cat is a "litter less cat"