Is it possible to toilet train your cat?

I am not referring to the task of training your cat to use the cat litter. I am referring the task of training a cat to use the human toilet.

It makes sense to train a cat to use the human toilet since you can save time on cleaning up. If you are living in an apartment, it makes even more sense to toilet train your cat.

However, cats are notoriously stubborn creatures. It is more accurate to say that we belong to the cat, and not the cat belongs to us.

The first time I read about the concept of toilet train a cat was an article on Reader's Digest. That was years ago.

The writer used cookies as an incentive to reward the cat for using the human toilet. The idea is to get the cat to use the human toilet, and then to flush away the waste. The writer hang the cookie in such a way that the cat had to step on the flush in order to get the cookie.

That seemed like a good idea until the night when the cat got hungry. The cat kept on flushing the toilet, hoping for the cookie.

The constant flushing noise woke the whole family up.

Apparently the cat did not just master the art of using the human toilet. It mastered the art of asking for food in such spectacular way.

That brings forth the question. Is it possible to toilet train your cat?

Since there are so many breeds of cats, some breeds are more stubborn than the others, you wonder if you can toilet train your cat.

There is no doubt that cats are very smart. They learn fast where food is concerned. They are curious and easily bored.

The problem is to find ways to reward the cats for learning new trick.

The problem with us, cat owners, is that we lack the patience and faith in our cats to learn new tricks. It takes time for a cat to get used to the idea of using a human toilet.

It is not in their nature to sit on the toilet bowl, and to flush the waste away. That is why using food as a reward is necessary to overcome the natural resistance of the cat to use modern equipments.

It is best to start training before the kitten reaches adulthood. However, training when the kittens are too young is too risky. You risk drowning the kittens in the toilet bowl.

You need to train the kittens to use the litter before training the kittens to sit on the platform. Once the kittens learn to sit on a platform, you can take the next step of training the kitten to get used to the water instead of sand.

The risk of a cat falling into the toilet bowl keeps many cat owners from toilet train the cat. That is why it is better to spend a few months toilet train the cat, until the cat becomes an expert in using human toilet without your direct supervision.