Toilet Training Cats Made Easy

Toilet training cats can be extremely beneficial to you, your cat, and the other members of the household in incredible ways. It can provide an alternative place to a litter box for your cat to do their business that is nearly maintenance free, costs nothing, and extremely hygienic. Many people have a believe in the common misconception that toilet training cats is a hard task to take on; however, contrary to popular belief, it can be rather easy if handled correctly. Of course if you take your feline friend and simply put her on the toilet seat and expect to flush something down the toilet you will have a hard time toilet training cats. However, breaking this transition down into smaller steps, and allowing the process to be gradual rather than automatic would definitely decrease the difficulty of the matter, and increase the success rate at the same time. The process of successfully toilet training cats is one that will take quite some time; it will take at least 2 weeks if you properly follow the steps in this article. However, the benefits that you receive from toilet training cats are absolutely astonishing, and outweigh the hardships significantly.

Step 1-Move The Litter Box Closer To The Toilet

Toilet training cats can be made easy by doing in in a gradual manner. Your goal is to first allow your cat to do their business slightly closer to the toilet; however, placing the litter box right beside the toilet immediately will cause your cat to not know where it is! To solve this problem you should move the litter box to a location that is slightly closer to the toilet than it was before; when you are toilet training cats an ideal location for this step would be about of the way to the toilet from the previous location. This wil allow the movement to be geared towards the direction of the toilet, but not far enough for the cat to lose track of where the litter box is located.

Step 2-Move The Litter Box Beside The Toilet

Toilet training cats successfully is about slow progression; this step progresses the step prior to extend the location to being immediately beside the toilet. Once your cat has gotten used to their litter box being place half way in between the toilet and the litter box's previous location, you can safely move it beside the toilet. This is one of the most crucial steps when toilet training cats because it allows them to feel comfortable doing their business in a location that is within inches of their goal position.

Step 3-Raise The Litter Box Up Slightly

Part of toilet training cats is allowing them to feel comfortable doing their business at an elevated level; after all, their goal location is on top of a toilet that is roughly 2 feet off of the ground. You can raise the litter box up using any method that you would like to use; some common methods are books, magazines, or a stool. However, you should ensure that the litter box is securely taped or tied to the objects that are holding it up regardless of what method that you used to raise it. This will allow the cat to begin to feel comfortable at an elevated level, which is absolutely essential when toilet training cats.

Step 4-Raise The Litter Box Up To The Height Of The Toilet

This is the final step in regards to getting your cat used to doing their business at an elevated level when you are toilet training cats. Although they may now be urinating 2 feet above the ground, it will not feel as terrifying because you have only elevated the litter box by 1 foot from its previous elevation. Since "baby steps" are much better than "adult leaps" when it comes to toilet training cats, it is important to allow some extra time for your cat to be accustomed to this additional elevation. It may seem normal for us humans to do our business at an elevation of 2 feet above the floor, but it is an extremely frightening experience for cats. Once your cat has gotten used to this increased elevation, you can safely move on to the next step of toilet training cats.

Step 5-Move The Litter Box Onto The Toilet Seat

This step is also important when toilet training cats because it will allow them to get used to the idea of doing their business on a toilet seat. It will not feel awkward for them because they will still be doing it in their original litter box; this follows the main concept of gradual progress, and works wonders when toilet training cats. You should secure the litter box to the toilet seat using either tape or rope to ensure that it does not move; coming close to falling into a toilet can be traumatizing for a cat, and cause them to never want to come close to a toilet again!

Step 6- Replace The Litter Box With A Training Seat

These training seats can be purchased at virtually any pet store, and work wonders when toilet training cats. They allow the cat to do their business on the seat, while feeling like they are in their litter box. However, these seats allow the cat to experience a more open and unsecured feeling that is closer to the feeling of them sitting on the toilet without a litter box. This feeling falls in between the one that they get when sitting on a litter box on top of the toilet, and the one that they get when sitting on the toilet with only a toilet seat underneath them. When toilet training cats, it is important to use a lot of locations and objects that allow them to feel in-between the old and the future; a toilet training seat allows this to occur.

Step 7-Replace The Litter Box With An Object With A Hole In It

This is the step that falls second from last in toilet training cats; this is because it allows them to experience the closest thing to the real thing in regards to doing their business in the toilet. The most commonly used objects are an aluminum pan, wax paper, or cellophane wrap. The goal in this step is to simply place the object underneath the toilet seat, and pierce a hole in the middle. You should not include any kitty litter or anything in this object, as you are trying to make the cat feel as if it was simply a toilet seat with nothing underneath it. The object will be used to simulate a bare toilet seat, and the hole will be used to release the urine into the toilet bowl. This is a crucial step when toilet training cats because it will prepare them for the real thing!

Step 8-Remove The Object

When toilet training cats, this step can be thought of as the light at the end of the tunnel. This is where you will see if all of yours, and your cat's hard work has paid off. If it has, your cat will successfully urinate in the toilet, and your methods of toilet training cats are great; however, if the cat fails to urinate in the toilet, you must backtrack to a previous step and work from there.

Toilet training cats can be an extremely rewarding task on many levels. Aside from simply looking cool, toilet training cats can greatly reduce the maintenance level of your pet. You cannot expect to simply place your cat on top of a toilet and watch it do its business; however, if you diligently follow the steps that are provided in this article, you can easily toilet train cats to do their business in the same way that humans do!