The division

The Division

After a horrid pandemic sweeps New York City in the near future, society has crippled, food is scarce, and survival is key. Tom Clancy's: The Division is an open world RPG that is set to release sometime in 2014 for the Xbox One, Playsation 4, and PC. Running on the new Snowdrop engine, Ubisoft has promised gamers one of the most advanced graphics to this day. Never has a game reached a detail this complex.


Open World New York

Through economic collapse, riots, and utter destruction, New York has become a dangerous and hostile environment. The perfect setting for you to make your journey.

In the Division, your goal is to survive against other players and battle for survival. You'll be looking for food, water, and weapons in real time. You have the choice to fight, ally, or trade with any passing players in the vicinity if you happen to encounter them. This is what makes an MMORPG a knight in shining armor among other game types.


The Snowdrop Engine

Ubisoft has implemented a new Snowdrop engine to run The Division at peak performance. Lighting techniques inspired from film production customs have been inserted into the game to make it a really immersive experience. This ranges from simple shadow detail to high resolution explosive particles shooting across your screen while staying true to the environmental physics. This kind of advance in quality ensures that you'll feel that the game play is a real and gripping experience.

Another feature in the Snowdrop's engine is how the environment is affected by the day and night cycle. Not only that but the weather is also a part of the system. For example, snow will eventually melt if you wait long enough. But I doubt you'll just be standing around waiting for the snow to melt while there's bandits, looters, and other players ready to attack you on sight. Of course the bandits and looters ARE the players in The Division. But you might be lucky and find someone with a moral disposition. Welcome all friends.

As for more on the extent of Snowdrop, the destruction system has been cranked up to nearly real world physics. Or you could say they are real world already. Shooting at wood will splinter it, and shooting glass will shatter it. Shooting a car's tires will most definitely flatten them. You can expect those bullet holes to be precisely where you shot them too.

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Release Date?

There has not been a confirmed release date for The Division as of yet but you can be sure it will come this year, 2014. There has been word about a possible offline play but Ubisoft has made this a multiplayer dedicated game, so there might not be much promise in that idea.

A very fancy menu system