The Division
Credit: Ubisoft

The Future OF Our Games

 At E3 we have seen a wealth of games that really take gaming to the next level and this game certainly is one of them. The Division looks to be one of those games which people fall in love with, combining top notch graphics and intuitive gameplay, from the looks of things this game could go far.

The Setting

Set in a futuritic world where it is three weeks after black friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. As the pandemic strikes it shuts down everything from transport to education and everything in between. A flu virus designed to linger on something we utilize every day, money is the culprit of the pandemic. You play as one of the members of a secret and highly trained group called The Divison, tasked to keep man-kind a float by preventing the pandemic from sweeping any further and also saving others from any trouble that these kinds of events bring. Gameplay shown off at E3 showed part of the group in a suburb in Brooklyn where it was clear that the pandemic had hit badly, cars piled up on the sides of the roads, shops looted by criminals and people fearing for their well being, we really saw a place struggling to survive.

The Gameplay

As you see the chaos around you, your task is to help others by sorting out problems which arrise, such as crime. In the demo we were shown our player who was well equiped with various devices and other handy things such as a radio and smart watch. The game allows you to go around in a completly open world doing what you really please, helping out others or perhaps even ignoring crimes which go on around you. In the demo though we were shown just one of the many different "missions" available to you throughout the game, a fight in a police station. As the heros emerged on the scene evnts unfolded leading in to a very futuristic gun fight. As our character suppresses to enemies behind a car the others worked on trying to deal with the situation in a unique way, something I really liked about the demo. For instance the other man on the team set up a mini sentry turret to help the guys out while the woman used a group heal to provide consistent support to everyone. As the fight ended the pack wandered in through the building freeing officers here and there and eventually coming to what everyones favourite part of the game is, the loot. Opening the armour, our character was graced by a larg box which, inside contained a beautifully designed gun which was now ours to keep. Well, mission done we see the trio walk through the back doors out into the streets and we see manhattan across the way in all it's glory, however not for long as we hear the minous words "Brace for PvP". As the camera zooms out into a top down map the demo ends leaving us with many thoughts waiting to be answered.

Next Generation

There was one thing that stood out for me in the game and it really wasn't a small feature, it left me feeling hope for the future of games, for the future of technology. The simplest of details made the biggest impacts. At various points in the demo, I was shocked by how elaborate some details were and it was obvious that it was a next generation game. For instance when moving past an open door our character shut it and when ripping the air with bullets from the rifles the bullets actually pierced the billboards and light shon through, a first in any game we have seen so far!

My overall impression of the game is one that fills me with a warmth and a will for more. Until the game comes out on Playstation 4 and Xbox One we will have to keep eagerly waiting for more news that will hopefully make us shiver with excitment. Until then however you can watch the gameplay below. You can also pre-order the game from amazon below!