Tomato growing tips: Are earwigs making a midnight buffet out of your tomato plants?

Earwigs are one of the worst enemies to a good tomato garden. They seem to survive anything, even a good storm can't shake them off the leaves. Earwigs love to eat the leaves of a tomato plant, and they can do major damage.

But what do you do? Here are some great tomato growing tips to help you deal with those garden pests.

1.. If there are just a few here and there, then go into your garden and pick them off the leaves one by one. But most earwigs are night crawlers, and do most of there nasty snacking between 2-4 am, but some are bold enough to venture out in the daylight, or basically just stay on the tomato plant all day and night, stuffing themselves.

If you get enough earwigs on your tomato plants, it will kill the plant. So, you have to stay on top of this garden pest problem. Most likely you have other plants in the garden being bothered by them as well.

2. But if you have a crowd, and they are having a midnight party on your tomato plants, then try beer and crash their party. This will be good for your tomato plants and good for you too! If you like beer..

3. You see, earwigs love yeast, and guess what beer has? Yes, yeast. So, you can do this a couple of ways, pour some beer into a foil plate and leave in the garden overnight. The earwigs are attracted to the beer and fall in.

Tomato growing tips: I personally don't find this way totally successful, because if you live in a windy area, then the plates of beer might go for a fly, or you wake up to beer spray all over your house, and the foil pie plates down the road.


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Donate a Can of Beer to the Cause!

The better way to go, is to get a can of beer, sit out on your patio after dinner and drink 1/2 it. (I am referring to those regular sized tins of beer not the super sized ones) Don't drink the whole can, or you will have to start again (maybe you like that idea?). Then bury the beer can in your garden, with 1/2 still left in it, leaving about one inch of the rim of the can sticking out of the ground overnight. If you are feeling like having a party, then get a few 1/2 cans  and bury them between your rows of tomato plants.

The wind will not pick these cans up and blow them around, and the earwigs are still attracted to the beer, and now they don't have to climb up into a foil pie pan, they can just take quick step up, and fall in.

If you water your tomato plants at night, obviously do this beer procedure after that. Leave the can for a few days, and you should have a collection of earwig bodies in this can. You should notice a difference on how many earwigs are in your garden. As they tend to follow in groups, so once the word gets out that there is something good to check out, you should get rid a quite a few tomato pests

So now you can spread these tomato growing tips on getting rid of earwigs to your neighbors and friends, and maybe have a great excuse for a beer party. You might think it is a waste of 1/2  beer, but compared to the price of toxic chemicals and the health of you and the tomato plants, it is well worth the donated 1/2 beer. I have found earwigs to survive the worse toxic chemicals anyways. So give this beer remedy a try. What have you got to lose?

So, now you will look forward to tomato growing season, as you will need to be drinking beer to protect them. Depending on how many rows of tomato plants you have, this could turn into one heck of a party.

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