Tommorrow and technology

Technology is what makes life easier. The world has went from not even being able to talk to each other over long distances to being able to finding anything they want in a search engine on a touchscreen device. If technology is growing that fast what will technology be like 100 or even 200 years from now. I think that the techonology of the tommorrow will be what we call science fiction today. For example:100 years ago people might have thought that being able to fly something was science fiction but today we don't think anything of it. I think the technology of the future will be flying cars, instant tranportation of some type, and things will be projected in the air(sort of like in the iron man movies).

In the future kids will probably think ipods and ipads and laptops are boring. There will be gaming systems that were thought to be impossible to make. after all in 10 years we have went from playing gameboys to being able to play games on an xbox kinect without a controller. I can only imagine what gaming will be like in 20 and even more 100 years. Kids and adults will probably be able to put some device on there heads and be able to play games with there mind. I would not want to live in the future because the type of war weapons would probably to dangerous and would probably kill more people than it would save after the war.

Now im not crazy enough to say that pigs will fly in the future but i do believe that cars will fly. Why? Mostly because I think that the only thing that has to happen is the remodeling of cars with engines and airplane parts on there side like the picture above. Of course it sounds easier than it is but it is definetley possible. I do not know how the government is supposed to control air traffic though. The most likely reason why i think people will try to make flying cars would be to add another form of transportation and for simply the fun of it.

Another thing that i think will happen in the future is that words, map projections, etc will be projected in the air. This sounds impossible due to not being able to really touch air. Projections in the air will be much more easier to navigate through because the size of the projection will more than likely be bigger than a ipod and people will probably be able to do more than one thing at once.

One thing that i have always wondered about is wheather there will still be movie theaters in the future and phones. One thing that i do know is that there are a couple of 4d theatres in the world and that they are big hits as of right now. But think about reald3d movie theatres. Although 3d theatres are keeping steady as of right now do you think they will last forever. Something better will have to be made with 3d or it will eventually get old. Phones will also probably get old too. If i could just think of something off of the top of my head to replace a phone i would try to create something that could go in your ear and you could just say the number of the person you are trying to reach or just there full name or something like that and be able to talk to them that way.

Honestly i do not thnk there will even be movie theatres in the future but there probably will be something like a pladxe where people can go and experience something like action movies in real life. Or if there are still movies around then there might be some way that you could be inside the movie.

The future will be something that we can only imagine today. The technology of tommorrow will help make life easier, funner, more relaxying, but it could also be dangerous. I also think that people in the future might be a little lazy though because life will be so relaxing or easy. What do you think tommorrows technology will be like?