Getting the muscles working harder and improving efficiency of movement has become the latest fitness and wellness craze, with women, and now men, jumping on the opportunity to get the most out of exercise. Committing time to exercise is hard, so when out of the house and active, it makes sense to make sure the body gets the most thorough workout and to make every second really count.

Toning shoes offer just that, and make sure that the time spent exercising translate into the fastest possible toning, however when used in conjunction with the latest toning clothing, muscle activation, toning and weight loss becomes faster still. Toning shoes increase muscle activity throughout the lower body, by making changes to the way the weight is distributed when walking. The shoes correct the posture, and in doing so bring a much wider range of muscles into action. The posture correction is only bringing the body back to a natural state of walking; similar to walking barefoot over soft ground, but it is a method of walking rarely seen in urban environments. In addition to posture correction, the shoes all feature a design which introduced muscle activating instabilities when walking, making the body activate more muscle fibres to fine tune balance. The result is a much greater lower body involvement, and the muscles get toned much faster.

There are those who doubt the effectiveness of toning shoes, and some studies have failed to find much in the way of extra toning from wearing the shoes, however there are many millions of pairs sold each year, with Reebok alone expecting to sell over 10 million pairs by the end of the year. A large proportion of those purchasers have really felt the benefits in terms of improved body tone, as well as providing exceptional comfort.

Critics of toning shoes now have something else to get their teeth into, with the release of new lines of toning clothing to compliment the effects of the shoes. Fashionable sportswear company Fila, and toning shoe giants Reebok both having launched a clothing range to augment the action of their shoes. The toning clothing works on by applying resistance to the muscles, so that the muscles have to overcome the resistance when working, increasing the rate of toning.

For the many millions who have already bought a pair of toning shoes and are really feeling the benefits, the addition of a clothing range to take toning to the next level will undoubtedly be a big draw. Getting even more from the time spent exercising, and really getting the muscles working at their hardest, is the best way to tone in the fastest time frame and both the Fila body toning clothing and the Reebok Reetone range are sure to feature at the top of many a Christmas list. How effective the toning clothes turn out to be remains to be seen, but as with the shoes, they will make you look good when exercising, and any help to get the body into shape faster is sure to be a hit.