What we can learn from Tony Stark to be more like him

Tony Stark, Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.  What can we learn from him to improve ourselves? A lot. He teaches us that with hard work, lack of fear and following through. You can achieve anything you want.

Why do you think he said the above quote in that order? Without the first, you wont have the second, without the second, you wont have the third and so on. He realizes he is very gifted, that is  the first thing we can take away from Tony.

All Hail me

Tony Stark in Af-stan
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Don't be afraid to be Smart

Tony Stark is a genius, you might not be, or are you? We all have things that we know, things we are passionate about, things we are obsessed about. I'm sure if you really thought about it, there is one thing that you know a lot more then your group of friends. It might be the inner workings of a Ford 302 V8, you might be able to recite all the names of the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings, or be able to rap all the lyrics to every JayZ song, or you know all the Gysers in America and when they erupt. Don't downplay that you know stuff, have confidence in you're knowledge, that you research and catalog what your interested in. Play your strengths, and when you know something, don't be afraid to speak up, that is what Tony Stark does, you don't see him sitting back and not saying anything when he knows something, he talks. It's okay to have conversations with people and to find out your wrong and they know something that you didn't, before wikipedia, that's how people learned. You don't need to know everything to be smart. But it's a whole other thing to be a 'know it all', if you don't know, listen and learn. Never stop learning. That leads us to the next thing we can learn from Tony Stark.

Not checking his Facebook

Tony Stark at his desk
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Never ever stop learning

Tony Stark is a genius because he has natural ability and because he learns. All the time, remember in the Avengers when Maria Hill asks him when he became an expert in Thermo Nuclear Astrophysics, and he says, "last night", ' he learned it, no small feat mind you, but he didn't just skim the pages and get the gist, he read every word and soaked it up like a sponge. The internet can be your greatest ally and your worst enemy, so much of it can be used for learning, Khanacademy.org is an awesome online learning tool, you can learn pretty much anything, especially math, (Tony's strong suit) for free. Youtube.com streams MIT lectures, TED talks and Code.org. All are free, just look for what you want to learn.  But while your on the great internet, stay focused, you can jump online to try to learn Thermo Nuclear Astrophysics, and ten minutes later your watching cats get scared by iguanas. Keep on it, if you want to be smart like Tony Stark, you need to stay on task and focus on the important. Leading us to the next lesson.

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Tony Stark MIT Ring
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Don't Quit

If you start something, and it fails, don't drop it. This sounds obvious but it is really hard. If you try something and you don't succeed at it in the first round, it is easy to second guess yourself and say "this is to hard" "this is impossible" or "I can't do this" Thomas Edison said “I will not say I failed 1000 times, I will say I discovered there are 1000 ways that can cause failure” If you try something new and you succeed, you are an anomaly. Tony Stark didn't just try making the Iron Man suit and get it right the first time, remember him launching himself against the wall? Then he made the palm repulsors and then shot himself against the wall again?It would have been easy for Tony to say, "man, that's twice, forget this exo-suit crap. I'm just gonna watch TV."But he didn't, he kept modifying his design and trying new ideas until it was good,good enough to do the job, not perfect. That is another point, perfect isn't attainable. If it was, would Tony have made 42 more suits? I don't think so. There will come a point were you need to say, this is good, it is ready. Keep messing with it to get it perfect, and you'll be working on one thing until you die. 


Just 2 bros, hanging doing what bros do

Tony Stark with Mark 42 Iron Man
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Love Yourself

This title sounds weird I know, and Tony Stark borders on megalomania, but you need to love yourself if people will truly love you. Think about it, Tony has  friends that really care about him, would the Hulk catch him out of the sky after that wormhole if he thought he was a d-bag? No, people love those who can love, that's what we can do better then Tony, if you love yourself and love other people and treat them with respect and kindness, you will be more then Tony Stark. Just be yourself and care for others.  Tony does that, he rescued people from Golmera, because someone was doing them wrong, he caught and carried 13 people who fell from an airplane, even though he knew he couldn't carry them. He did these acts of good not to get paid, but because they needed to get done and they were right.

God bless America, God bless Iron Man.

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Tony Stark replacing arc reactor
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