If you like to have a great espresso coffee without spending 10 minutes, espresso pod coffee makers are for you. What you need to do is choose a pod of your favorite coffee, put it in the machine, press the switch, and in less than a minute, you get a creamy espresso coffee full of sweet aroma.


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Full Review

While it is still not main stream in the usa, espresso coffee fans are gradually increasing. The majority of coffee shops as well as many restaurants provide espresso coffee nowadays. Yet, the level of espresso strongly is determined by who extract the shot, and I observed that one out of three cups I tasted weren't good enough. Even at a exact same cafe, the flavor is totally different depending on who's operating at the coffee bar on that day.

Accordingly, many espresso coffee devotees extract their own espresso in their home. Most people choose the best beans, then grind them carefully, and squeeze the coffee with a tamper to just the right firmness, and extract an excellent cup of espresso. Unfortunately, you cannot execute that every day before heading out to work, particularly if you were working until late the night before and had only 5 hrs of sleep (and that is the day you really require two shots of espresso coffee!).

For those, there is an alternative. Try an automatic espresso maker. While it might not produce a 120% best cup of espresso, when you are in a hurry, it can deliver you with a much better cup of espresso coffee than most coffee shops.

There are two main types of automatic espresso coffeemakers. One is a completely automated espresso maker which grinds the coffee beans, press them, and with high pressure vapor, create espresso coffee. Another type is a pod espresso coffee brewers. To use this espresso machine, you will need to place a coffee pod in the coffee machine, but then it is completely automated.

The best thing as regards to the first type is that you are able to vary the flavour of espresso better than the other style as you have slightly more command on the way you make the espresso coffee. A negative side for the first one is the cost. A quality system will cost $500 or higher, and sometimes more than $1,000. Another potential draw back is that it will take somewhat more time to extract a cup of espresso; still it's considerably faster than brewing manually.

One advantage of a pod espresso maker is the simplicity: quick to start, simple to clean, as well as fast. The retail price starts at around $200. This is certainly the best espresso machine for your office along with at home. A couple of unfavorable areas are that the varieties of coffee can be narrow, and you don't have a whole lot of control over how to brew the espresso. For most of us, however, the options of coffee are generally ample, and giving up command over how to extract coffee is not that big a deal; it still extact a terrific flavorful espresso.

If you currently own a manual (or semi-manual) espresso machine, you may also wish to test a coffee pod primarily manufactured for an espresso machine. These kinds of pods fit the coffee holder of most espresso machines. The benefit is that you don't need to squeeze the coffee using a tamper, and it's easy to clean up after the espresso making. A negative is, again the selection of espresso beans. Even though most suppliers supply you with great alternatives of coffees for espresso, if you have a taste for certain coffee beans, you might not be able to get them. Some also state that the espresso made from pods is not as creamy as the real thing, but for the most people, it makes an excellent cup of espresso coffee.

Once again, if you are a perfectionist, and do not mind investing 10 - 15 minutes to extract a perfect cup of espresso (following 6 months of trial and error), these aren't for you. These are, on the other hand, the best option for espresso enthusiasts who are constantly on the run.

In Closing

Espresso coffee enthusiasts who are frequently on the run, there's an alternative. Try an automatic espresso coffee maker. While it might not create a 120% fantastic cup of espresso coffee, when you're in a rush, it can give you with a much better cup of espresso than many coffee houses.