A lot of people skip breakfast simply because they run a very fast paced life and just cannot fit breakfast into their schedules or because they do not normally feel hungry in the mornings. Breakfast however should be given a priority because it just happens to be the most important meal that one should have in a day.

Research has shown that eating breakfast not only gives one the necessary boost for the day, but it also prevents one from having that sluggish feeling in the morning, whether one feels it or not. There is a saying that we should eat like a king in the morning, eat like a prince in afternoon and eat like a pauper in the evening.

This suggests to me that eating breakfast is very important - whether you settle for a very heavy one or not. It is quite natural that after a night's sleep, that one would wake up to refuel one's body with energy. The energy being breakfast. It is important to establish at this point that though breakfast is important, it does not mean that anything and everything is acceptable for consumption. Breakfast should be a deliberate healthy choice.

Even if one cannot stop to eat at home before leaving the house in the morming, then make sure whatever breakfast you pick up at the shops, is a healthy option.

Here are some healthy options one should consider for breakfast - whether you want to quickly have it at home before leaving for work or something you can grap at the shops. There are a lot of healthy options in the shops these days.

Yoghurt and fruits
Combining yoghurts with fruits would be a very viable healthy option as just having yoghurt may not be filling
enough. For example, adding blueberries to yoghurt would be a very good way to start the day.

This is a healthy option and also includes fibers and is filling. It would therefore prevent one from getting
hungry later on in the morning. Both adults and children would benefit from having oatmeal in the mornings. If you want, you could even add some fruit in your oatmeal such as bananas or strawberries which contain antioxidant properties.

Whatever sandwich you opt for, make sure it is a healthy choice. For example, you could have egg sandwiches. In
order to save time, you could prepare the eggs the night before and heat them up in the morning. Best to have them with wholemeal bread. This again is a very quick option - you could toss the bread in the toaster whilst getting ready for work. If you can't eat it at home, then eat it on your way to work (provided you are not the one driving of course!).

These have been known to give one the necessary boost for the day. Just having one or two in the morning as
breakfast goes a long way. No work involved here, just buy the bananas and eat!

Fruit smoothies
Combining fruits with with smoothies is also a another beneficial healthy option which one could either get in the
shops or you could prepare it yourself. You could get the fruits ready the night before - cut them up and put them in a container and blend with the yoghurt in the morning.

These are examples of some of the quick and healthy ways to have breakfast. You don't have to skip breakfast anymore - just skip the unhealthy options!