One Great Tool Swiss Army Knife Still The King

Right Tool For The Right Job

Swiss Army Knife

This tool is most likely one you may have seen before. Most young boys have owned one of these at one time in their lives. The Swiss army knife is the compilation of many useful tools in one convenient pocket knife.

Most of the time unfortunately the ease of having all the tools in one, isn't going to work. Jobs require a large variety of equipment, as well as ton's of hardware items, to repair just about anything.

Everyone has a toolbox and they still never have everything they need. It seams that whenever a job is attempted, the first thing we need is missing. Taking some time to look in the box, will help you to make sure you have the basics, as well as any specialty tools that may be needed within your lifestyle.

The Swiss army knife may have revolutionized the pocket knife. It was a new innovation that took the world by storm. has become a Swiss army knife of sorts. They are now listing over 1.5 million different tools on one website. You can buy anything that you'll need to complete any job you could think of.

I now have over fifty different toolbox setups. I can swap trays if I need to combine a couple jobs. The reason I set up like this is because my work is everywhere. carrying tools into the job and back out is half the battle at times. Making it easier to get everything i need in and then back in the truck when I'm done comes down to good organization.

If I'm doing a floor job I can grab the flooring tool box or the soldering box if I'm fixing a leaky pipe. I have painting tools and roofing tools all separate. Without the right tools I couldn't do half the projects I undertake. 

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No Brick And Mortar Boundries

World Wide Inventory

World Wide InventoryTodays on line retailers such as Amazon, have cast aside the brick and mortar limitations that conventional retailers face. They hold no Inventory and ship directly from the manufacturer to the customer, or end user.

This has many benefits to both the store and the buyer/us. The store saves rent on warehouses and also staff to run them.

It would take an unthinkable amount of people to run a store that sold the amount of items that Amazon handles each day.

Both of these attributes give a hand to lower prices. There are a lot of other unseen expenditures that are saved as well, like employee insurance and property maintenance. Giving a low overhead to the seller and a better price to the buyer/us.

The Right Tools For The Right Job

A Butter Knife Is Not A Screwdriver

Right Tool For The Right Job

A butter knife is not a screwdriver. You wouldn't butter your toast with a Phillips tip. Get the right tools for the job your attempting to complete. Trying to wing it with whats on hand may work for Magyver, but we're probably after a result we can live with.

Having the right tool is essential to producing the best end result we can get. Knowing how to use the tools is second. Learn the basics before trying to do the job. Some of the larger home improvement outlets will have workshops and calling around may get you some free instruction.

If you are setting up a toolbox for general maintenance around the house then you will be getting tools that are specific to the kind of house you have and the jobs associated with maintaining that kind of house. If it's a brick house or stucco, then you will need masonry tools such as a trowel and mixer and maybe a wheel barrel.

The person with vinyl siding will need none of these. If you have a house thats painted then you know this will be a job that will come up every five to ten years. When you repaint the house you will need the same tools every time. These tools are separate from your every day box and this is a specialty job that should have it's own box.

Set up the tools you think you'll need and get ready to buy more once the job starts and you find out what your missing. The good news is that with time you will eventually have everything you need.

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Save Time Save Fuel Save Aggravation

On line Inventory Rules

Getting the tools we need can be very time consuming. I have found that by using Amazon and getting what I need delivered right to my home, the time factor is no longer a hassle. Everything I need can be found with a simple search and then the ordering takes a few minutes. I always know what I want ahead of time. OK thats a lie, I just go in and browse all the time. Sort of the equivalent to the wife window shopping.

I happen to do many different types of work. If I tried to go find every separate tool store or outlet to get everything I need for all the jobs I do, I would be spending as much on fuel as I do on the tool. Saving time is one thing but I like saving money even more.Happy Jobber

The purpose of this article was initially to remind people of the importance of using the right tool and the right hardware for the job. Hopefully the results will be in the pudding. Your jobs will come out better and get done faster. You will experience only a fraction of the normal aggravation that goes along with any home improvement job. Taking the time to get the right tools and hardware for each job will make you a much happier jobber.