Part of a series that explores the process of writing on a revenue sharing site

When I sit down for an article writing session I end up with a lot of tabs open on my browser.  While the exact tabs needed differ somewhat depending on the article one is writing, this list should get you thinking about how you write for profit and what tools you need to be using.  

As an example, I'll use the Infobarrel revenue sharing platform, but the principles are the same regardless of where you are writing online for money. In a marathon writing session, all these tabs are valuable:

The Infobarrel Create An Article Tab

To write on Infobarrel obviously you will need to have the article template open.  Some writers prefer to write in a wordprocessing program and then transfer their work into Infobarrel. They may find this helps them go through drafts easier.  

Personally, I just write inside the Text boxes on site.  I do edit my work but I've got the article outline in my head before I start writing so when I come to Create I'm ready to just type.  

A disadvantage of writing directly in Infobarrel is that the spelling and grammar checker is only so-so compared to MS Word for example.  Each writer needs to find the location of writing that works best for them.

The Infobarrel My Content Tab

Interlinking your articles is super important.  Interlinking helps readers find more of your articles and helps the search engines too.  Using anchored backlinks to link one article to another tells both the search engines and the readers what that other article is about. 

Through strategic interlinking you can also funnel readers to your "money" articles.  

I when I see an interlinking opportunity develop (or plan one in) I select my anchor text then choose the link button from the menu.  I than click the My Content tab and copy the URL (no need to go into the actual article, just hover and right click to copy the URL).  I then paste the URL into the Link URL field in the dialog box that I already opened.

Affiliate Site

I usually keep my affiliate program site open and logged in so I can quickly grab and insert appropriate affiliate links without breaking my writing flow to much.  By mostly sticking to one large affiliate program site I can aggregate my earnings from various programs and get paid much quicker. It also makes finding links easier because they are all available off one page. There are many types of Affiliate programs to consider working with and surely there is some affiliate resource to link to from almost anything you write of any commercial value.  Just make sure you are carefully following the rules of whatever site you are publishing on.

Because Infobarrel integrates with Amazon Associates I try to find appropriate products for each article.  Therefore I keep logged into my Amazon Associates account at to facilitate quick product searches.  

Especially on product based articles, I use Amazon for photos to insert in the article.  I also direct link to Amazon searches with my Amazon Associates links from within some articles.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool External

For checking which keywords are heavily searched and what keywords tend to pay well, I use Google's Adwords Keyword Tool External. I have an Adwords (in addition to my Adsense) account so I can log in and get full functionality on the tool.

Some writers swear by their paid keyword tools and I think they have their place, but don't use them at this time.  If I did use a paid keyword tool I'd have it open too. 


Nothing like Wikipedia for a pretty clear explanation of nearly everything.  Wikipedia is also great for searching for more obscure topics worth writing about.  Just look at where the popular article links to for topics that are more niche.  I found camel wrestling by surfing around Wikipedia for example while looking for another animal sport to flesh out an article. 

Copying from Wikipedia will get you no where, but if you rewrite and expand on the topic you have a better chance of ranking for your keywords based on your complete coverage of the topic.

Google Search

Last but perhaps one of the most important tabs is a Google Search page.  I use it to check how the SERPs look for various search terms, find resources to use for article, look for photos and logos to insert and so much more.  This article provides a more detailed explanation of using search in your article planning and writing. 

My Blog

I really like to throw a nice link at my passive income blog (linked in the sig box) from time to time, so I keep a tab with the blog open.  Sometimes I keep a second tab open to the backend of my blog so I can easily grab referral and affiliate links of my list of "go links". 

A Thesaurus  

To expand vocabulary, find synonyms and antonyms, and help with LSI a good online Thesaurus is very helpful.

A Free Proofreading Tool

A recent find and addition to my open tabs, I liked this tool a lot so I wrote an article about how to use this free proofreading tool called PaperRater.


Other Considerations

This is not a money article - rather it is intended to be a helpful article for fellow writers.  It also throws some links at other helpful articles to tie different articles together better.

Also, when I write blog posts I follow pretty much the same process and use the same internet tools to find information, write, optimize and monetize each blog post.  I still use the Infobarrel My Content tab because I tend to link back to Infobarrel as well.  So you can extend this information to all your online writing efforts.


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