Do you think you have the wrong body for you? Are you looking for the right one, the right shape, the right size...?

Do you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is judge your body?

How many of you have thoughts going through your head that sound a bit like these...

  • "I'm too fat; I'm not skinny enough; these jeans don't fit"
  • "I'm ugly and no-one will ever like me"
  • "I'm undeserving and unworthy"
  • "I need to diet; I need to exercise"
  • "If I eat this, I can't eat tomorrow."
  • "I ate bad food, therefore I must exercise more."

Well, let me tell you a little secret - your body is more conscious than you are. It's under a dictatorship called YOU - what you say to it and think about it, it does.

For example, you judge it as fat. Guess what it's going to do? Be fat for you to validate you being right, because you're the superior one who knows it all, right??

Do the plants and animals judge? No. The birds don't stop singing because they're having a bad hair day.

Your body is like an animal. It has no judgement; it has total consciousness and awareness and is willing to be there with you through anything you throw at it. It is willing to be your best friend.

Are you willing to start nurturing and caring for your body, instead of punishing your body with judgements?

So how do you stop the judgements?

I'm going to give you a few tools to use that will change your relationship with your body.

1. Who does this belong to?

  • For every thought, feeling, emotion, ache/pain, hunger you have, ask "who does this belong to? Me or someone else?"
  • If the energy feels light, warm, and fuzzy when you ask if it's someone else, then simply say "return to sender".
  • If the energy feels heavy, like it is yours, then simply ask your body what it is telling you.

What if 98% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions don't belong to you? What if you're like a psychic antenna picking up on all the thoughts floating around the universe?

You can use this tool for any thought, feeling, emotion, ache/pain, disease, hunger, etc.... and the more you use it, the easier it will become and the less thoughts you'll have in your head. The monkey mind will disappear! If you use it for 3 straight days, you'll become a walking, talking meditation.

(Science has also proven that when thoughts, feelings, and emotions intersect cells, our cells become elliptical - creating dis-ease. Using more tools from Access Consciousness can help to restore your cells to their natural, spherical shape.)

2. Interesting Point of View

  • For every judgement you have about your body, imagine a stop sign that says "interesting point of view I have that point of view about my body".

This tool will get you to be in total allowance. Instead of judging your body as right or wrong, good or bad, fat or skinny... what if it's just interesting? This removes the charge that is keeping you limited and stuck, and from allowing your body to change.

Using these two tools alone will give you more freedom and greater change than any fad diet or fad exercise program ever will.

Only you and your body truly know what is right for it; no-one else does. Start communicating with it, allow it to tell you what it would like to do, what it would like to wear, what it would like to eat and how much, who it would like to have sex with, etc.

Your body loves you no matter what, no matter how. What would it take for you to love your body that much??