Creating digital works takes a lot of imagination and creativity for a concept to be formed, and it takes a whole lot of patience and artistic skills to translate your ideas into massive visual masterpieces. If you have those intangible requirements mentioned, then you must also have the hardware or tools, just as a traditional artist needs his paint brush and pencils to create his art:

• Computer – a desktop or a laptop, both will do, as long as the specs are capable of handling graphic softwares that you choose to use. Make sure that the screen resolution and video cards are capable enough for simultaneous graphic work.

• External memory – this is optional, but if you choose to keep all your digital creations with you, even the oldest ones, then an external memory is a go. You get to save new creations in your computer and refrain from deleting old masterpieces to virtual nothingness.

• Tablet – while using a mouse is fine, having a pen tablet opens a whole lot more versatility. Pen sensitivity is the greatest advantage of the tablet over mouse, plus you get to draw as if you are drawing on a paper with a normal pencil. Blending and creating colors are easier with a tablet.

• Mouse – if you can't afford a tablet, making do with a mouse is pretty fine. It's actually all up to your determination to create art. Bigger mice are preferable because it is more comfortable to the hands. Using a mouse will take a lot of practice and patience for your art to emerge as how you visualize it.

• Ergonomic office chair– or an ergonomic chair, at least. Creating digital art does not only take a few minutes, so it is best to keep yourself comfortable while working to keep the process flowing and uninterrupted by aching muscles and a sore behind.

• Work desk – a chair always comes with a table. Working on a table keeps everything in order and well-maintained. It also keeps the body in right shape when working while sitting down, compared to creating works on your bed. Make sure that your work desk is free of clutter and has lots of storage and drawers for organization and utility.

Already have the hard goods? Then choose among these programs for the visual creation of your digital art:

• Adobe Photoshop – versatile and popular, there's a lot one can create with Photoshop.

• GIMP – it is free and has similar interface with Photoshop.

• Corel Painter – popularly great for creating digital paintings.

• Paint Tool SAI – it is also free and has great blending features for digital painting.

• Adobe Illustrator – a specific program for illustrations and vector art.

• 3D Studio Max – popular software for 3-dimensional works.

• Google Sketchup – also a software for 3D creation. It is easy to use and has a full free version.

• There are also other unlisted available softwares for creating manga/comics, 3D characters for games, and flash animations.