Apps to Organise the Classroom

Do you want to make a great impression at school or college this year?  A terrific way to make a lasting first impression with your teachers is to introduce them to the wide range of mobile apps that are available for those in the education profession. These are just a few apps for that they might find useful.

For teachers and educators looking for a great way to begin to structure their teaching environment without using reams of paper that then needs to be transported from class to home and back again, these tips on how to utilise the everyday smartphone should make life a little easier and possibly better managed

Parent Teacher Handouts

Available from NASET, this app allows teachers to create custom handouts to share with parents following parent/teacher meetings. Data can be shared regarding information discussed, goals set, objectives attained, and overall progress scores achieved. It offers over 90 different templates to create exactly the report teachers need for each student. Completed reports can be viewed, printed, or emailed to the appropriate parties. This one even offers special education options for students with additional learning needs.


Available from XIEngine Systems, this offers everything from student task management to student assessment. It can be used  to track students’ progress, create reports, and track overall educational growth throughout the course of a school year.  It can also be secured via a pass code, so there is never any worry of a student accessing confidential grading data. With time management functions built right in, teachers can manage everything from homework assignments to school calendar events.

Teacher’s Wire

Available from Richard Lever, this one allows teachers to communicate with the parents of their students. They can use it to enter student data, take pictures of student projects and completed assignments, link images to previously entered student goals, and email completed progress reports to parents. For an innovative tool to help teachers build a communication bond with the parents of those they teach, this app is definitely worthy of further investigation.


Available from Christoph Duyster, this offers teachers a number of student management features all rolled into one handy app. Teachers can use it as a note-taking tool, can create and utilize teaching checklists, can create course prerequisites within the app, and can even grade student submissions via the app. App data is encrypted so all entries are safe. Files can be shared with parents via email or via Dropbox. They can do everything from monitor student attendance in class to track scores for written and oral examinations.


Available from Alteru Incorporated, this multi-function app allows teachers to distribute assignments to their students. They can distribute text assignments, share images, and can even send audio files to their students via this app. Educators can create multiple classroom identification modules, can create quizzes, and can even grade student answers to quizzes directly in this app. This app works with both iPhone and iPad devices.

These are just five of numerous iOS app options teachers can utilize in their classrooms. By sharing this list, chances are good you will make a notable impression by introducing your teacher to some useful apps this year.

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