If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, then you understand it essentially states that what we put out into the world always comes back to us. Therefore, if we'd like to have more money, then we need to get our intentions out there.

If you're someone who struggles with finances, or someone who simply needs to attract more money for upcoming expenses, here's a few things you can do, energetically, in a pinch as well as over the long term.


Meditation and Visualization

Meditation is good for so much more than just attracting money, but it can certainly help. Most of us are programed to be afraid of money, and to focus on the disasters that lack of money can bring - so we begin to unconsciously turn away from it, and turn away from positive associations with it. In doing so, we actually repel money!
By focusing your meditation in the direction of abundance, you're changing your entire being to be hardwired for the receipt of prosperity. Meditate on how you imagine your life would be with more money, and think of all you could (and will!) accomplish.

Visualization is an extremely powerful tool, because humans are incredibly sensory oriented. 
If it comes naturally to you, then run with it as wildly as you'd like. If you are someone who cannot visualize so easily, try purchasing a guided meditation CD (there are tons that focus on finances), or you can even do visualizations by using money you have on hand. For instance, try holding coins or dollar bills (the higher the denomination, the better) - look at them, feel them, and focus on them as you close your eyes to imagine yourself with more of them and the satisfaction and peace that comes from that possession. 

Practice exercises like these as often as you can. Make sure they are rooted in positive thoughts, and they will aid you in shifting your energy toward your goals. Again, there are a great many books, videos, and recordings that can help you work on your mindset and improve your visualization skills.



Financial Correspondences

Throughout history, different cultures have associated different objects, colors, and even foods with money and wealth. Everything discussed below are additional methods to employ the law of attraction. 

Color Associations
It's almost a no-brainer that the color green represents money and growth. Given that that's the case, try incorporating more green hues into your home. You can do this easily by simply burning green candles as often as you feel you need to in order to project your intentions. 

greencandleCredit: www.etsy.comvisionboardCredit:

You could also try your hand at a vision/dream board. I think these are very effective in reinforcing our intentions. If your goal is to obtain more money, then include as many pictures and words as you can that are somehow related. Make it green!

Because you might not want to wear green clothing all the time, try tying a green ribbon or band around your wrist. Whenever you look at it, visualize your needs, and make them known to the Universe. Wear it until your needs are satisfied. 


1. Cinnamon
Cinnamon, which I'm sure nearly everyone has in their home, has been long valued as an herb that carries the vibrations of wealth, abundance, and good fortune. It also has numerous health benefits.
Place cinnamon sticks in a bowl somewhere in your home to attract prosperity. The powder form can also be burned on charcoal as incense. Both cinnamon sticks and powder can be placed in a mojo bag or satchet to be carried as a good luck charm as well. Pair it with nutmeg  for an extra boost!

2. Flax Seed
Flax seed carries the same vibrations as cinnamon. In its dry form, it can be placed in satchets, or in a bowl somewhere in your home to attract wealth. Unlike cinnamon and nutmeg, it is odorless.

Essential oils
If you're someone who likes to wear or burn oils - you can use cinnamon oil, as well as cedar oil for luck and wealth. I'm sure I am missing a few oils because there are so many different kinds, but they are very common in some organic health-food stores, and metaphysical stores. Ask what is recommended for attracting money.


Ultimately, you cannot sit back and do nothing, despite having all of these tools at hand. Effort is always required on your part - whether it's getting out and searching for that new job, changing around your investments, selling something, etc. These objects and corresspondences are aids in projecting your intentions as you work toward your goal simultaneously. Think of them as further reinforcement to the power that is already inside of you. Always remember that while the financial help you seek may not come the very instant you ask for it, you'll find that it comes at the right time when the need is known.