Make Better Use of Your Dropbox

Dropbox has gained unbelievable popularity recently.  It is a wonderful service that allows you to store your files online.  This allows you to easily share files with others.  All you have to do is drop the file into a folder and it automatically syncs on the Cloud.  This allows others to gain access to the file easily and simply.

There is a range of applications available for you to use to enhance your Dropbox usage.  Not only will you be able to backup your website to Dropbox automatically, you can also create a website with this cloud software.  The applications that are available will allow you to organise all your files in an efficient manner and you have the facility to email attachments directly to your account. You don’t even need a superfast broadband connection to use the service.

Dropbox Automator

This feature allows you to process the files you have available.  All you have to do is determine which folder you wish to automate, apply the actions and the actions will be triggered once the system has found the files in the folder.

There are several actions you can specify, such as conversion of files to PDF format without first converting them yourself.  You can also zip and unzip files.  If you have a free account, the system will allow you to set ten rules with a process limitation of 100MB or 100 files.  If you have a premium account, the file capacity is increased.

Backup Box

This facility allows you to transfer your files between different cloud services which mean you can transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox.  You will also be able to do direct transfers from your MySQL, FTP and SFTP servers.  With a free account, you can do basic transfers between these services, but a premium account offers you more services such as simultaneous transfer of files and scheduling.

Folder Sync Add-on + MacDropAny

Dropbox generally only synchronises the files you have in the folder, however this add-on gives you the option to sync folders from outside Dropbox.  All that is required is for you to right-click the appropriate file and choose ‘Sync with Dropbox’ to carry out the action.  If you sync a folder that is situated on your desktop, and you add or delete files from that folder, it will apply the same action in your Dropbox folder.

MacDropAny is the Mac version of the above option.  It works in exactly the same manner.  You have the choice of either selecting the ‘Sync with Dropbox via MacDropAny’ facility or you can drag-and-drop your folders to the MacDropAny icon.

Box Cryptor

This is a great feature as you will be able to encrypt all your files prior to upload.  This provides your files with added security as they can only be accessed via a program you have on your computer or through the Android and iOS application.

Portable AHK

You are generally not allowed the facility to install applications on public computers.  This may also be applicable to your business computer.  If you use Dropbox to its full capacity and depend on access to your files located there, you can use Dropbox Portable AHK.  It is a tiny app that allows you to run the cloud service on a flash drive.  This means that you will be able to access and synchronise your files from anywhere – all you need is a computing device.


This application named ‘Sort My Box’ does exactly what its name implies.  It sorts out all the folders in your account, based on criteria set by you.  If you set rules that prompt image files to be send to your account ‘pictures’ folder, the system will automatically add all files with that extension to the specified folder. 

Drop Link (For Mac)

This is an application that is placed on the desktop of your Mac.  You can drag and drop a file to the icon related to the app and it will immediately copy that file to your Dropbox main directory folder.  If you wish to copy it to a different position, you should drag it to the appropriate app window and drop it in the folder of your choice.


Jotform is a website form builder that gives you the facility to send the data that was in a form directly to your Dropbox account.  The process is for you to create the form and post the required link for completion of the form.  If Jotform is linked to your cloud account, the completed information can be transferred directly to your account.


A visual basic script allows you to print from any computer that has a printer connected.  This particular script creates a ‘print queue’ folder in your main account folder and any files added to it will print on your connected printer.  This app allows you to add files from your mobile device and it will print it directly to your printer. 

Email Attachments

By making use of the ‘Send to Dropbox’ service, you will be able to save all email attachments to your account.  You simply forward your email with the attachments to a special email address that you will be provided with.  These attachments will be dropped into your account automatically.  All this happens within a few minutes.

Drop It to Me

This facility allows you to offer anyone the facility to upload files to your Dropbox account.  After you have completed the registration process, you will receive a unique link to your account, with a password for protection.  In the event that another individual needs to send you a file they simply key in your password to upload the folder to your account.  There is a limitation of 75MB for the file they are dropping.

Drop Tunes

It is not possible to stream music files through Dropbox, but with this application you will be able to.  Once you have linked the application to your account, you will have the facility to view all your music files with the simple online music player provided by the app which has all the playback controls required.  A similar application is available for your iPhone.  It offers the same functions, but comes at a price.

As can be seen, Dropbox offers you wonderful facilities on its own, but with all the add-ons, you will not be able to do without it.

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