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When your teeth hurt you want and need fast remedies for toothaches that you can do anywhere for almost immediate relief. Toothache causes can range from a minor bacterial infection to a broken or chipped tooth to gum disease and cavities that mean you need to find a dentist. You may also have a headache or fever associated with severe tooth pain and will need fast relief. In the interim, you can get tooth pain relief with these easy to do yet very effective toothache remedies that can oftentimes buy you more time to find a dentist.

For Tooth Pain Relief try all of these tips:


     Rinse with Salt water – add one large tablespoon of salt to a rock style or similar sized glass filled half way with warm water. Stir the salt to dissolve it and then take a swig without swallowing. Lean your tilted head over a sink and swish the salt water back and forth as if gargling but without swallowing the salt water. Spit the salt water into the sink and repeat this process until all the salt water solution has been used. Salt water is an effective cleanser and will also help to numb the tooth pain. Repeat several times a day as needed.

     Hydrogen Peroxide for Severe Toothache - add just a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on your toothbrush and gently brush the toothache or sore gum area. Peroxide is safe to use and helps to disinfect as well as kill bacteria that could be causing the pain. Repeat several times per day for tooth pain relief. Keep your teeth clean and feeling great with continued use of this amazing treatment and super cheap too!

      Brush your teeth – after rinsing your toothache with salt water go and brush your teeth. Oftentimes, a toothache begins from food stuck in the teeth or along the gum line that hasn’t been completely removed. Use an electric toothbrush for the most effective tooth cleaning. The small brushes rotate in a counter clockwise motion helping to not only clean the teeth thoroughly but also to massage the gum line which is also an area that causes a toothache. Keep sensitive toothpaste on hand for times when your teeth hurt. Repeat after each meal and several times a day as needed for toothache relief.

      Orajel for toothache – Orajel is a numbing agent available in liquid, gel or cream that can be applied directly on a sore tooth or sore gums for almost immediate relief. The baby strength orajel works better for severe and intense discomfort and can be applied by adding a small amount to a q-tip or by using your finger to massage the ointment directly. Repeat as needed throughout the day and before going to bed to help you sleep well without further toothaches.

      Ice for severe tooth pain – Use an ice pack wrapped in a cotton or terry towel.  Hold it directly to the face on the side of the toothache for fast relief. Buy an ice pack if you don’t own one, you can use it for many aches and pains. Or, make your own using a zip lock type of baggie with enough ice to fill the bag half full. Try lying down with the ice pack on your face if headache is associated with your severe tooth pain. Remove the ice pack if it becomes too cold to tolerate and wait 10-15 minutes before reapplying it.

      Clove Oil – clove is a very effective natural anesthetic that comes from a plant that has been used for thousands of years for pain relief, most notably toothache pain. Clove oil can be applied directly on severe tooth pain and the gum line since tooth pain typically radiates to other parts of the mouth due to so many nerves in the face and jaw line. Buy therapeutic grade clove oil for the purest and safest form. Clove oil is the best choice of pain medication if you are looking for a natural remedy for tooth pain that doesn’t hurt any of your organs or cause addiction.

      Aspirin for severe tooth pain – apply one aspirin tablet directly on the affected tooth or gum and bite down gently to slowly dissolve the tablet. Aspirin will almost immediately eliminate severe discomfort although it should be noted that aspirin is a blood thinner so use with caution. Aspirin will thin your blood so be careful if taking other blood thinners or if you cut yourself, you will bleed longer than usual. Take aspirin as directed and no more for the best safety precautions. If you’re ever unsure if aspirin is safe for you to take, consult your dentist or family physician to discuss other medications you are taking and the effects that aspirin may have on combining drugs.

      Ibuprofen for toothache – Ibuprofen is an effective pain reliever that can be purchased in generic form and will help toothache pain as well as any fever or headache that is occasionally associated with severe tooth pain. Take only as directed throughout the day to build up your blood level of pain medication if you choose this route and use the minimal amount of pain reliever necessary to control pain.

 More Toothache Relief Tips:

   * Avoid eating or drinking very hot or very cold food and drink since toothache pain typically cannot tolerate extremes of temperature.

   * Continue treating toothaches throughout the day for the best results using all of these tips.

   * Massaging the outside of the cheeks at the site can also reduce pain.

   * Avoid eating and drinking sugar which will definitely continue to cause discomfort.

 These tips for tooth pain relief do work and will hopefully allow you to rest for a full night until you can find a dentist and before you have a dental emergency. You may very well need antibiotic therapy to eliminate your severe tooth pain and your dentist will take x-rays to determine the cause of your pain. Wishing you fast tooth pain relief.

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