Methods for whitening teeth are a thing that many people search for. It is easy to understand why. Many many people have teeth they are not quite happy with. Many of us have a little bit of a yellow discoloration or a few brown stains. I suffer from a mild case dental fluorosis myself, because of the amount of fluoride that was in the water where I lived the first few years of my life. This has given my teeth a bit of a yellow tinge, but my teeth are much stronger than average. However, the biggest reason we look for tooth whitening methods are simply because they are unsightly.

Many cheap methods for whitening your teeth can be found online. It is important to search around for a method that is right for you. There are many reasons to whiten the teeth. They all have a to do with how you present yourself. People generally put a lot of weight into the appearance of someones teeth while they judge a person's appearance. After all, one of the first things people will inevitably notice about you is the way your smile looks. Your smile and the color of your teeth will play into how your coworkers react to you, how potential love interests react to you, and even how a future boss will react to you during a job interview. The color of your teeth is very important to the way people perceive you.

There are a few easy methods you can use to whiten your teeth or simple to avoid discoloration. Both coffee and smoking are notorious for changing the color of your teeth. Smoking can also cause many other problems with your mouth and your health overall. You should consider quiting smoking or at the very least cutting back. Same goes for coffee. However I know how hard it can be to cope without caffeine(I am drinking a mountain dew as I type haha), it may be worth it though if you can avoid stains on your teeth.

The most common commercial toot whitening method is dental bleaching. This is a common procedure in both cosmetic and general dentistry. You can visit your dentist and they can do several procedures for you to whiten your teeth or you can try one of many products that can be used at home. These include bleaching strips, bleaching pens, bleaching gel, and there are even methods for laser bleaching. At home tooth whitening methods usually include a gel in a small tray that is held in the mouth or whitening strips that go over the front of teeth.