toothpick uses

Do you have that token box of toothpicks in the back of your kitchen cabinets? Do you only use them when you eat that steak and you need to do some probing between your teeth?

Well here are at least 5 great uses for those toothpicks that can make your life just a little bit easier. It is nice when we can use an item for different things. We sometimes just have to get creative.

Baked potatoes.

If you bake potatoes in the microwave, then you know how the bottoms just don't seem to get cooked as even as every where else right? So, here is what you do. You stick four toothpicks into your potato to create a stand, then put it in the microwave and you will find that your potato cooks evenly if it is not sitting right on the glass. Just don't forget to take them out before serving. This also stops them from rolling around in the microwave.


A toothpick, believe it or not, works wonders on tiny paint jobs. If you have a piece of exposed wood showing from a fine crack, you can take a toothpick and put a little bit of paint on it, and it will fit right into the crack. Where as, a regular paint brush would touch the sides of the crack and not look as neat.


You can use a toothpick to glue decoupage or tiny art projects, where you just need a little dab of glue. Just dip in the glue and use on your project. A toothpick and some crazy glue work well at repairing jewelry or china.

tooth picks

Fix a screen

You can take a toothpick and dip it into some clear nail polish, and then dab onto the hole in your screen. As long as the hole is not too big, this should work well. Rather than trying to brush on the polish, just dab with a toothpick. This will keep those little bugs out of your house. So, go around and check all your screens to see if they could use this treatment. It doesn't have to be a very big hole for mosquitoes and tiny flies to get in.

Plug a hole in a hose

This one works well! If you have hooked up your outside hose this year, and have noticed a spray coming out the side of the hose, then you know you have a tiny leak. You can either wrap it up with tape, and keep having to replace the tape, or you can fix it like you would a punctured tire with a tire kit, but then you would have to wait, and also drain the hose. But for right now, you can take your toothpick, and with the pointy end stick it in the offending hole in the hose. Then break it off at the hose level.colored toothpicks

The stick will swell from the water and stop the leak! My dad swore by this trick. By the end of the season, we would have a hose full of these little toothpick plugs. I was never quite sure how you would get those little pin prick holes in the first place, but never the less, this works as a great fix, until you decide you want something more permanent or you replace the hose.

So, I bet now you will look at that box of toothpicks in a whole new light right? So bring them to the front of the cabinet, and make use of them.