A new species of homosapien has been discovered recently. Researchers are stumped by the awesomeness that this creature displays in its natural habitat. In the household, the creature's day includes the following: rush, rush, breakfast, kid's lunches, hubby's lost socks (which were in front of him), dog peed on the carpet, mad rush to work only to find out that you forgot to pull off the shower cap from your head.
Yes, this refers to the working mom! It takes a lot of guts to take up a career when your idea of relaxation is to collapse on the bed for 5 minutes before the 'devoted' spouse comes back from work. Have no fear oh you (supposedly) exhausted individual you. There are certain techniques you can adopt which will ensure that your day starts and ends with a bang.

Breathe please!

This does not refer to normal respiration when it comes to the exasperated employed mother. Who has time to breathe when the kids are trying to pull each other's hair out? If you find the time, try doing some breathing exercises to calm yourself down.
It's simple to do really. Just slowly breathe in for a count of seven and exhale through puckered lips after another seven counts. Be sure to keep your breathing light and soft. Also be sure to exhale!
Go to your 'happy' place

A working mom does not have the time to go anywhere you say? Maybe not physically, but you can journey to your heart's content by using your imagination. Don't shake your head and say that you don't have one. You'll have to make the effort to follow this relaxation technique if you don't want to smother your 'appreciative' hubby with a pillow.
Close your eyes and look deep inside. Imagine yourself in a relaxing situation (work with me here). Picture yourself standing amidst a lush field full of daffodils with a light breeze blowing your perfect, glossy hair (it's your imagination) behind you. Perk your ear at the sound of little birds chirping away for you and relish in the warm touch of the sun as the heat penetrates your body. Just abandon yourself to the feeling and you'll be good as new in no time.


Now that you've relaxed your body, it's time to ease your mind. Meditation is the key to a happy and stress-free day, so make sure you practice this technique as much as you can. Remember, a happy mom is a sane worker.
The trick is to relax your whole musculature as well as your breathing. Start relaxing your muscles one limb at a time while inhaling and exhaling slowly. Studies have shown that repeating a single word while meditating helps ease tension (kill, kill, kill doesn't count). Don't let any negative thoughts enter your head while doing this and you'll feel instantly rejuvenated.

So, whether you've had a hard day at work or you just can't take anymore of your kid's whining, try out the abovementioned relaxation techniques and you'll feel like a new woman. If not, well, here's a pillow.