Top 10 70s One Hit Wonders

The 1970s were amazing years for the music release industry; this was the time in which music had begun to become widespread, rather than concealed. Many people had begun to listen to the new releases, and the 70s one hit wonders even more so. These artists that had released these 70s one hit wonders had released a hit song, and then were never heard from again. Some of these 70s one hit wonders artists had parted from the music industry, while others went on to release more songs; however, none of them had ever experienced success that was even close to the success that was experienced with the songs that are listed below.

70s One Hit Wonders-Bobby Bloom-Montego Bay-1970

The factor that had allowed for this song to experience so much success was that it was simply fun to listen to. It can be nearly guaranteed that if somebody was to listen to this song 40 years after its initial release, they would find it enjoyable to listen to too. The lyrics were well thought out, and had touched upon the interests of the average music listener.

70s One Hit Wonders-Pipkins-Gimme Dat Ding-1970

A great song, that was seemingly ahead of its time with its phenomenal instrumental combined with its great lyrics. The lingo that was used throughout the song title (gimme dat) was also seemingly ahead of its time in regards to commonly used words; it was like this song was simply leading the music industry to where it currently is in 2010 nearly 40 years later.

70s One Hit Wonders-Christie-Yellow River-1970

With a song name like Yellow River many people were drawn to listen to this song due to mere curiosity. Once they had began to listen to it, they would be caught on to it due to the funky lyrics that Christie had decided to use. This song had experienced much success, and Christie had never experienced the same amount with any other song releases.

70s One Hit Wonders-The Bells-Stay A While-1971

If one could choose a one hitter that had exemplified all of the styles of the era, it would definitely be Stay A While by The Bells. This song had experienced success because it had chosen an area of the music industry that had not been touched yet at the time of its release. This was a daunting move that was made by the music artists, but it proved to be a successful move that led to this song becoming a hit!

70s One Hit Wonders-Daddy Dewdrop-Chick-A-Boom-1971

Being release towards the earlier portion of the 1970's decade, it had exemplified some of the great things that were seen towards the later part of the second half of the decade. This song sort of set the standard for every other great song that was going to be released throughout the decade; moreover, this was good because the bar was set so high that all of the songs that followed it were astonishing as well.

70s One Hit Wonders-Jud Strunk-Daisy A Day-1973

Nobody seems to know exactly what it was about this song that had attracted so many listeners; everybody knew that they had liked it, but nobody could tell you specifically what it was that made them like it. However, despite the fact that nobody knew why they had liked the song, the fact of the matter is that this song had appealed to many listeners, and was an extremely successful release for the earlier part of the decade.

70s One Hit Wonders-Wednesday-Last Kiss-1974

This song had appealed to so many of the music listeners because it exemplified a real life situation that many people experience before a relationship ends. Many people dread a last kiss with another individual, but for some reason they like to hear people sing about it. This song provided a different aspect on a touching subject matter, and allowed people to remember an important time in their past relationships.

70s One Hit Wonders-Larry Groce-Junk Food Junkie-1976

Many people, especially throughout this important decade, had loved junk food to the point that they could be considered as being addicted to junk food. This song had experienced so much success because it was generally great to listen to, and also combined an area that many people of the time could relate to.

70s One Hit Wonders-Foxy-Get Off-1978

An attractive song in more ways than one! It is believed that this release had appealed to women significantly more than it had appealed to men; this is not to say that men did not listen to it, but due to the nature of the song, many more women had listened to it. Its success stemmed from the fact that it gave women a feeling of empowerment upon listening to it.

70s One Hit Wonders-Anita Ward-Ring My Bell-1978

This is definitely one of the only 70s one hit wonders that is still currently played on the radio, and in night clubs over 30 years later in the 21st century. The chorus provided the listener with a catchy phrase and beat that could easily be danced to, and sung. This repetitive phrase of "you can ring my bell" allowed the listener to sing it after the song was over, which is ultimately one of the major factors that had led to the success of the song.

There were a plethora of 70s one hit wonders that were released throughout the decade; this article exemplifies the top 10. These 70s one hit wonders were songs that were released in the decade and had experienced success; however, the artists had never experienced the same degree of success from any of their other song releases. These 70s one hit wonders were great, and many people had wished that the artists had the same amount of success with their other songs; however, nobody can control the music market. These songs were all great, and have had their times of success; who knows, maybe we will hear from these music artists once again one day!