Top 10 80s One Hit Wonders

The 1980s was a phenomenal time for the music industry; many songs were released that are still currently being listened to, 30 years later! However, on the other side of the spectrum, there were many 80s one hit wonders that were also released; these were songs that were released by an artist that was never heard from ever again. Many of these songs became extremely popular upon being released, a lot of them had reached the billboard top 100 within only a few days. Regardless of the degree of their success, these 80s one hit wonders were seemingly present in the industry, and then gone within a few weeks; most of these artists have continued to release songs, but never to the degree of their 80s one hit wonders songs.

80s One Hit Wonders-Lipps, Inc.-Funkytown-1980

This song had one of the catchiest beats in the industry; moreover, it was that beat that had allowed it to become so successful. Of course the lyrics were great to, but everybody could be caught wither whistling or singing the classic funkytown beat during the first few weeks of its release.

80s One Hit Wonders-Sugar Hill Gang-Rapper's Delight-1980

Many people were sceptical about the contents of this song upon its release due to the nature of its name; however, everybody immediately fell in love with the lyrics when they heard them. Although the Sugar Hill Gang had taken a risk and tried something different, they had proved successful!

80s One Hit Wonders-Joey Scarbury-Believe It Or Not-1981

Being an absolutely classic song, it can still be heard playing on specific radio stations from time to time. This artist seemingly disappeared after this song had finished its minutes of fame; however, with the success of this song, Joey Scarbury had experienced a ton of success.

80s One Hit Wonders-Frida-I Know There's Something Going On-1982

Frida had surprisingly never had another huge hit after this song had disappeared into the archives of music. This was a great name-maker for Frida, and many people believe that she had the full ability to release another song of the same calibre; however, she failed to exemplify her abilities again.

80s One Hit Wonders-Tom Tom Club-Genius Of Love-1982

With a song name like Genius Of Love, many people were drawn to it immediately upon hearing it. This song had experienced its success because it combined a great beat with even better lyrics, and touched upon the interests of nearly every music listener with its catchy name.

80s One Hit Wonders-Twisted Sister-We're Not Gonna Take It-1984

This rebellious song had experienced success by combining a beat that had pumped up the listeners, with lyrics that would make anybody clench their fists. This song is still played everywhere nearly 30 years later, a task that many thought would never be accomplished.

80s One Hit Wonders-David & David-Welcome To The Boomtown-1986

1986 was a great year for the music industry with many amazing songs being released; however, this awkwardly named band seemed to impress everyone. Many people would have loved to hear from David & David again in terms of a song release, but they seemingly had other plans.

80s One Hit Wonders-Living In A Box-Living In A Box-1987

Many people believe that naming your song with the same name as your band is sort of cliché and should not be done; however, this band seemed to prove everyone wrong with their release. They released this amazing song and then disappeared into the archives of music forever!

80s One Hit Wonders-When In Rome-The Promise-1988

This song promised only one thing to the listeners, and that promise was to put a smile on their face through its great features. Many people were dying to hear another song from When In Rome, but they never had another release that had reached the same level of success; a shame indeed!

80s One Hit Wonders-Kon Kan-I Beg Your Pardon-1989

If one word could describe this song it would definitely be "amazing". This was one of those songs that was simply destined for success; they had combined an astonishing beat with the creative genius styled lyrics to create a song that opened the ears of anybody that had listened to it.

The 1980s were a great year in terms of the release of hit tracks; however, there were an overabundance of 80s one hit wonders. There may usually be 10 or 20 one hitters within a decade of music releases; however, there were seemingly hundreds of 80s one hit wonders. Some people say that this was because there was an overabundance of songs being released in general, and others say that it was because many music artists were experimenting with the industry. Regardless of how many, these are the top 10 80s one hit wonders, and why they have achieved this status!