Whether you love or hate the Twilight series, you can't deny that it created an absolute explosion of  urban paranormal fiction around the world. Everywhere you look there are new T.V. series', movies, or young-adult books geared toward the "softer side" of the paranormal.

Don't get me wrong, I love the supernatural element. Something about otherworldly creatures lurking in the night just makes life more exciting. But when the otherworldly creatures start going around sparkling and embracing high school girls. I get a little put out.

Here are some of the best adult urban paranormal novels I've found thus far. They're gritty, they're scary and violent, sometimes funny and sometimes romantic. But completely absent of vegan vampires.


1. The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris

These are the books that inspired the popular HBO series True Blood. So if book(132523)Credit: http://mavrosal.wordpress.com/tag/southern-vampire-mysteries/you love the show then definitely read the books. If you don't love the show read the books anyways because let's face it, they're always better. These novels follow a young telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse as she watches her life suddenly fill with supernatural characters. All starting with one broody vampire.


2. The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison

These books are set in an alternate history universe, basically our own, but where  all the supernatural has been revealed to humanity and is existing (somewhat) peacefully. The main character is Rachel Morgan, a bada** bounty hunter witch. She faces both internal and external conflicts throughout the books. And shows romantic interest in all the wrong people.


3. The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

Although these books are placed in the "young adult" genre, they are so well-written with fantastic story lines and captivating characters that the only the young about them is the characters. The main character Clarrissa "Clary" Fray is a strong-willed young woman that gets thrown into the world of demon hunters (called Shadowhunters), vampires, werewolves and fairies. Before she can even adjust Clary must fight a battle she knows nothing about and deal with her own inner turmoil in the process.


4. Neverwhere  by Neil Gaiman

This story follows Richard Mahew, a young London businessman who gets trapped in an alternate dimension known as the Underground. He accompanies a woman named Door across a dangerous journey through the Underground while trying to fight off villains and all sorts of sinister supernatural creatures.

5. Widdershins by Charles de Lint

This novel revolves around Lizzie Mahones who is rescued by a kindly spirit when her car breaks down. In this she discovers the many spirits of the land around her, who have adapted through the centuries, but remain much like their fairytale selves; either wishing help or harm on the human element.


6. The Bringer by Samantha Towle

This book follows a bringer, a being ushers souls to heaven. Strictly forbidden to get involved in  earthly affairs bringer's are not supposed to have emotions. But this one does, she falls in love. With a human.


7. Gravemgrave(132524)Credit: http://www.melissa-marr.com/_graveminder/graveminder.htmlinder by Melissa Marr

Rebekkah Barrow returns to her hometown after her eccentric grandmother's death. She discovers that her death was unnatural, and there was a reason for all of her strange rituals. In this town, if the dead are not put to rest, they will walk again.


8. In the Dark by Richard Laymon

Jane Kerry, a young librarian, finds 50 dollars in an envelope with a clue. This leads to a second envelope and so on until Jane finds herself performing immoral and criminal acts just for the next clue. Soon she is fighting for her life, and she finds out that this game, is one she can't quit.


9. The MPire: In Search of The Lost by T.L. James

A man returns to his family after 14 years of separation to join the family business, not realizing what he is signing up for. He reunites with his brothers and becomes Death, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse.


10. Temp by A.E. Mayer

This novel takes place in an alternate future universe where a collision catapulted magical creatures straight onto earth. Bee is a just-graduated college student looking to escape her small Southern town, until she meets a friend who turns her world upside down, almost making her wish she had never wanted more excitement...