While our grandparents saved for a year to go on a package holiday to Majorca and our parents broadened their horizons with a two-week sojourn in the Greek Islands, the next generation of travelers are looking for a bit more of a stretch when it comes to taking vacations. 

In order to accommodate desires for the obscure and destinations that are off the beaten track, we would like to recommend the following places for your consideration.

1. Antarctica:
The only way to describe this place is "absolutely jaw-dropping". We have all seen icebergs on television, but nothing can possibly prepare you for the sheer enormity of cruising by one of them in a trawler or ice-breaker while on one of the amazing day-tours available in the region. Add to this, the opportunity to see killer whales, and you have a truly memorable trip on the cards. 

Whale breachingCredit: Pogigwapo Publications

2. Grand Canyon:
What was once just seen by most people in cowboy movies, the Grand Canyon is now a full-on destination for hikers, trekkers and horse-riders who want a mixture of natural beauty, wilderness and adventure. 
Helicopter tours and five-star accommodation, cater for those who want a bit more style and luxury. This US national treasure is not to be missed. 

Grand Canyon(66677)Credit: Felsho

3. Machu Pichu:
This 15th century site, is believed by experts to have been the estate of the Inca emperor Pachacuti, and it is one of the most important tourist sites in Peru, rivaling the Nazca Lines for top-spot.
Scenic mountain approaches and then a break through the jungle will leave you with a visual spectacle akin to what you would expect from an Indiana Jones movie.

Machu PichuCredit: TAP

4. New Zealand Islands:
Mile for mile, New Zealand has everything you could ever want in a scenic, natural utopia. Lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, vineyards, camping, hotels, tours....it's all there. A few lines in this article would simple not do justice to this amazing country. It takes a hell of a journey to get there, but is well worth the trip.

New Zealand(66679)Credit: NZTB

5. Taj Mahal:
A country that is steeped in history, from ancient religions, to colonialism, India has everything to offer the modern tourist. From trips across downtown Delhi, to a stroll into the Taj Mahal and then a walk along the sea-front during sunset in Bombay, you will never be stuck for something to do. 
Couple the above with some of the world's most incredible food, you may not even want to go home again.

Taj Mahal(66680)

6. Kathmandu:
From Buddhist monasteries to Mount Everest base-camp, there is endless opportunity for adventure in this small but geographically stunning country. It's isolation and sheer ruggedness will leave you awestruck while it's amazing people and history will leave you wondering why you didn't visit Nepal years before.

Market NepalCredit: NTO

7. Sydney Harbour:
We think that the best way to describe Australia is as 'a planet on a planet'. This country is so varied and so diverse that it would take your years to see all of it. With mountains, canyons, rivers, parks, lakes, cosmopolitan cities and one hell of a history, Australia has it all. 

Sydney Opera House(66782)

8. The Transvaal:
Often tarnished because of a political past that did not quite resonate with new-age adventurers, South Africa has now emerged as one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. 
After hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the positive response from visitors was that from safaris to trekking and mountaineering, there is no better place to visit. And with some of the world's best food and wine on the table at the end of a hard day, we say that you've got no excuse to get on a plane and go.

Capetown SkylineCredit: Pogigwapo Publications

9. Khao San Road:
A mixture of amazing people, stunning scenery and in this author's opinion, the best cuisine in the world, a trip to Thailand should be on everyone's list. 
From the bustling city of Bangkok with it's street-markets and designer stores, to long restful days sipping drinks in a hammock, by the sea in Phuket, there is so much to do that you won't have any problems filling up a 'standard' fortnight away.

Downtown Bangkok

10. The Swiss Alps:
The home of discretion, Switzerland has been a haven for the rich and famous since what seems like time immemorial. As well as the big financial cities of Zurich and Bern, there is the watch-making paradise of Geneva and the glorious Swiss Alps. From a dining-out perspective, expect only the best in haute cuisine from most five-star hotels and good, solid rustic meals when you head out into the mountains. Warm, pleasant summers and crisp, alpine winters make Switzerland the perfect getaway.

Switzerland View

No matter where you choose your holiday destination, we think you'll agree that visiting one of the above would be well worth the effort involved.

From everyone at Pogigwapo Publications: have a great trip!