Top 10 Android Apps

Top 10 Android apps 2012

After scouring the market relentlessly we finally came up with 10 apps we think are the cream of the crop. We are proud to present here the best ten Android apps in various app categories like entertainment, tools, productivity, and more.

Chrome for Android

 Chrome is the popular web browser and with Android integration this year, this could easily become the widely used web application which blows you away. Google Chrome is an Android app which works on Android 4.0 ICS.

 Google Music

 Google Music is a cloud-based application which helps you store a whopping 20,000 songs online. You can enjoy listening to free flow of Google Music from your music list on the cloud and avoid storing the media on your device.


 CloudMagic allows you to find information from various places like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and more. You can now organize events better with CloudMagic app.


 Androidify is an entertainment application that exploits the creativity of Android users who can make use of this interesting app. Androidify helps you to anchor on the Android platform and provides unlimited customization and personalization. Moreover, with Androidify you can let your friends, family or anybody exploit the small green Android and share this photo profile for social media and online communities.

 GO Launcher EX

 Go Launcher EX is a productivity app which enables users to integrate different home screen panels according to your preferences as it comes with lot of customization features. This app allows users to hide app icon, create custom folder for apps, change the scrolling orientation, and more.

 One Note Mobile

 This is an extremely popular app which was released recently by Microsoft and ported this notepad app for Android. You can include notes, bullets, and images using One Note Mobile app.


 Clik app allows you to manage videos of any screen-size through the browser on the Android phone. Clik enables you to control gadgets like a TV or a computer which is far away from your Android phone and turns into a platform for video, photo, music, and game services.


With TweetDeck, you can list social networking sites in one system and don’t need to have Facebook and Twitter apps separately.


 Wikipedia has a content repository which can be previewed on your Android phone. You can use the Wikipedia app to easily translate articles into multiple languages.

 WiFi Finder

 WiFi Finder is an Android app which allows users to get connected with WiFi hotspot on the go. You can use the WiFi Finder to access about 500,000 WiFi hotspots online or offline around the world and automatically connect with them. Android users can share WiFi finder on Facebook, Twitter, or other apps available on the device.