For anyone who has never been, Barcelona is definitely a unique city that is worthy of a visit at least once in your life. Below you will find a list, which I have compiled of the top 10 Barcelona sites that you need to visit when in the city for your first time. As the city itself is quite varied and unique, I have tried to assemble a list, which accurately reflects the many faces of Barcelona. In addition, I should note that the numbered sequence does not in any way reflect the importance of each site over another.

1. Sagrada Familia: The principal work of the architect Antoni Gaudi, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral is an impressive monument and testament to modern Catalan architecture. La Sagrada Familia offers excellent photo opportunities as well as two parks nearby where one can simply relax and enjoy the view. However, in my opinion paying to enter is not worth the cost, as the inside doesn´t really offer you anything that spectacular or worthwhile.

2. Camp Nou: Home to the best Fútbol club in the world, Camp Nou offers you the chance to learn all you ever wanted about Fútbol Club Barcelona. In addition, Camp Nou is located a bit northwest of the city center, which will allow you to discover a very posh district within Barcelona, where you might want to let an apartment Barcelona or where, among other things, you can find the Real Club de Tennis where the Barcelona Tennis Open is held each year.

3. Picasso Museum: Definitely one of the cooler museums within Barcelona, the Picasso Museum will allow you to discover many pieces by this famous painter, especially his earlier works. Although, it is recommend to go on an "off" day or at least not during peak hours, as there is almost always a very long queue.

4. Grácia: Probably overlooked by almost all first time visitors to Barcelona, Grácia is one of the coolest neighborhoods within the city, where you truly get a sense Barcelona´s independent spirit. There are a huge array of plazas, bars, restaurants, & shops that help to make this one of the livelier and more active areas. It´s highly recommended that you lose yourself in this "barrio" of Barcelona by simply wandering about and seeing what you find.

5. Barcelona Beach from Barceloneta to Bogatell: Clearly one of the main reasons to come to Barcelona is to enjoy the warm weather and the many beaches that are offered. Although I certainly recommend traveling outside of Barcelona for the nicest beaches, it is still certainly worth your while to take a stroll from Barceloneta all the way until Bogatell Beach. Along the way, take time to enjoy a cocktail or two at any of the many "Chiringuitos," as well as be sure to check out Villa Olimpica, where you can find many clubs, restaurants, and a few of Barcelona´s most notable landmarks.

6. Park Güell: Another spectacular piece of work from Antoni Gaudi, Park Güell offers an amazing atmosphere where you can escape from the noise and hustle of the city, while relaxing in a garden environment and enjoying some of the most spectacular views of the city. Park Güell attracts not only tourists but also locals living in the area, thus typically you can find an inviting atmosphere with people relaxing, enjoying a "caña," as well as musicians playing in the park. In Park Güell, you will again encounter Gaudi´s unique architectural style, therefore be sure that don´t forget your camera!

7. Gótico: Again, I have included one of Barcelona´s "barrios" instead of simply one single attraction because Barcelona´s Gótico simply offers the first time traveler so much to see. For one thing, you will be stepping back in time as you will find such attractions as the impressive Cathedral of Barcelona, which dates as far back as the 13th century. In addition, within Gótico you can find the central seat of the Catalan government, "Plaza Trippy" otherwise known as Plaça de George Orwell, which is a popular place to just chill and hang out, Plaza Real, which is again an excellent square to relax, grab a bite to eat, socialize, and hang out, in addition to a ton of restaurants, bars, shops of all kinds, and clubs. Definitely enjoy yourself while getting lost within this district, as it´s absolutely unavoidable.

8. Passeig de Grácia: As Barcelona is such an international city, you can be certain to find many great shopping opportunities and what better place to shop than on the posh and chic Passeig de Grácia. Centrally located so you won´t have to travel far from your apartment Barcelona, you will find an extensive mix of stores that offer everything from casual and cheap to elegant and expensive. Also, you will encounter two other spectacular works by Antoni Gaudi, namely Casa Mila and CasaBattló, which are certainly worth a visit.

9. Montjuic: Located in the southwestern part of the city, Montjuic offers an incredible amount to see and do. A mountain and neighborhood at the same time, Montjuic offers spectacular views of the entire city, as well as the Mediterranean. In addition, you will find a castle located at the top of the mountain, the Palau Nacional, which houses the National Museum of Catalan Art, the famous Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, which hosted the 1992 summer Olympics, Palau Sant Jordi, as well as so much more. You can easily spend a few hours or more here without a problem.

10. La Boqueria: Although I really do not recommend Las Ramblas, as it is full of thieves, prostitutes, and other shady characters (predominantly at night), it is worth to stroll down this long pedestrian avenue at least once, where you can find an ample supply of street performers and the famous La Boqueria market. La Boqueria is actually quite cool, as you can find almost any type of food and other ingredients from across the world. It will give you a good idea about the fresh food markets in Barcelona and while you´re there you might as well pick up something that you can prepare in the comfort of your apartment Barcelona.

So that´s it. That´s my top 10 Barcelona. Please don´t hesitate to let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations for any other hot spots that I didn´t include, please feel free to let me and all the other readers know. Until next time…