The Caribbean is a vast territory that is often well-regarded by tourists who love the white sand beaches. There are countless beaches in the Caribbean. Regardless of which part of the Caribbean you visit you will find sandy shores full of activity. You can find numerous activities including parasailing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and even just lounging around a drinking a cold cocktail. Here is my choice for the top 10 beaches in the Caribbean.

10. Englishman's Bay

Englishman's Bay Beach CaribbeanCredit: Flickr/dominicsayers

Many visitors to the Caribbean are surprised about how busy the beaches are. Often when we picture a Caribbean beach it is an idyllic spot with no other people around except for our lover and the guy serving us cocktails beachside. Unfortunately this vision people have is often never experienced by tourists. Tourists tend to go to the same beaches and during peak visitor time the beaches will be chocked full of people. If you want to avoid the busy beaches and find what the Caribbean is truly like then avoid the tourist areas and visit Englishman’s Bay. At Englishman’s Bay you will not find a tourist hotspot. There are not near as many amenities available as there are at the tourist oriented beaches, but do you really need people hawking souvenir beach towels to you while you are trying t relax?

9. Grace Bay

Grace Bay Beach CaribbeanCredit: Flickr/dpross

Grace Bay is not only one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean, but it is also one of the finest beaches in the World. Grace Bay is about 12 miles long and loaded with the softest and most supple sand you will find.

Unlike Englishman’s Bay, you WILL find a lot of tourists here. This is not necessarily bad. There are a lot of hotels and resorts located along Grace Bay so if you are a young guy on Spring Break and looking to meet women from all over the World you will be in heaven. Sometimes we want a beach with nobody else around and other times we want to gawk at beautiful women. If you like meeting new people then Grace Bay is a great choice!

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8. Trunk Bay Beach

Trunk Bay Beach is a beach that is often visited by tourists on cruise ships. When the Cruise Ships come in this beach can be packed full. Trunk Bay is a delight to visit regardless of if it is filled with tourists or barren of people. Trunk Bay Beach is the type of beach that personifies the Caribbean ideals of a great beach.

7. Shoal Bay-

Shoal Bay is located on Anguilla. If you want to spend a week alternating back and forth between lounging on the beach and exploring with a metal detector then Shoal Bay is a great choice. At Shoal Bay your new tan will contrast nicely with the super-white sand.

6. Negril Beach

If you plan on staying at a resort when visiting the Caribbean then I highly recommend you take a look at Negril Beach. Negril Beach is popular with families because located nearby is the Pirates Island Waterpark. At Pirates Island Park you can get a cold drink without even leaving the water! Action, adventure, and laziness, get all this and more when you spend a week along Negril Beach.

5. Crane Beach

The Travel Channel called Crane Beach one of the sexiest beaches in the World. Sexy definitely describes Crane Beach. The beach is iconic of the culture of the Caribbean and the beach looks well…sexy. In addition you have the beautiful women which also look sexy. Regardless of whether you are looking at the beach or the women, the sex appeal is very apparent.

Crane Beach is also the best beach in the Caribbean for handicapped accessibility. There is a staircase to access the beach as well as a glass encased elevator! 

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4. Palm Beach

Palm Beach can be very busy during the peak tourist times but Palm Beach has a multitude of activities you can partake in including Pirate Cruise around the Bay Complete with costumes and Land Rover Safaris. Cheesiness and adventure can all be found at Palm Beach.

3. Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse may not be the biggest or most popular beach for Caribbean visitors, but it is loaded with numerous restaurants and bars. If you like to eat and drink but prefer to stay away from the over-priced resorts then Grand Anse is an amazing place to visit. The beach is only 2 miles long but I could spend a lifetime there.

2. Johnson's Point

The Caribbean is known for being expensive, especially the fancy tourist oriented restaurants at the various resorts. If you want to dine out cheaper then Johnson's Point is the best place to visit. There are numerous local restaurants near Johnson's Point that offer very affordable food, at least by Caribbean standards. The beach is very nice, but what vacation can be truly enjoyable without dining out multiple times? Johnson's Point allows you to fill your gut with high quality local dishes at very reasonable prices.

1. Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand BeachCredit: Flickr/Jaren George

The color of the sand on this beach should be easy to guess. Yes, Pink Sand Beach is loaded with pink sand. The official name is Low Bay, but everyone calls it Pink Sand Beach. The area around this beach has everything from extravagant spas and resorts to quaint little cottages you can rent. If you are feeling adventurous and want to get away yet still be near people then Pink Sand Beach cannot be beat. Many people compare this part of the Bahamas to Hawaii. Not necessarily because of the beach, but because of the people. The hospitality to tourists in this part of the Bahamas is truly amazing. It is not fake hospitality where people are simply nice to you hoping to get you to leave them a tip or buy something from them. The hospitality from the people here is genuine. The great people help to make Pink Sand Beach the best beach in the Caribbean.